TechRant and a Giveaway!

It saddens me to say, this will probably be the very last update here on AppAholic. It’s been a fantastic experience, and I’d like to than each and every one of you for reading, commenting, and sharing my reviews. If you have followed us for a long time, you may have see mentions of TechRant here and there. At long last, TechRant is a go, and we have a team of writers and editors working away to produce awesome content.

Hopefully if you are a subscriber of AppAholic, you will go check out TechRant at and follow us there too! We do Facebook like and Twitter now and all!

Need an incentive to go check out the new blog? We’re already hosting a fantastic giveaway, one copy of Rob Hawkes book Foundation HTML5 Canvas for Games and Entertainment. We’ve had a few entries so far, so your odds are pretty damn good and you still have a few days to go before the giveaway ends and the winner is announced.

If you’re reading this and you’ve already missed the giveaway deadline, not to worry. We plan to host a number of giveaways, so following TechRant will make sure you know when they start.

Want to go straight to the giveaway page to enter? No problem:

mflow – Music is Social Again

2010-04-28_192814 mFlow Version Tested : 1.1.11127.0
Compatibility : Windows XP SP2 and above, Mac OSX

Description : mflow is a streaming music player which works with the idea of twitter, following others’ musical tastes and sharing your musical tastes with followers. No adverts are played while listening to the stream of music from people you follow (because the tracks themselves are the adverts). Sharing music just got easier, now with cash money as a reward!

mflow seemed to come out of the blue, and was quite a surprise to me. When you hear about how mflow works, you can’t help but wonder  “why hasn’t someone done this already?!” mflow makes sense, and I wasn’t surprised that Spotify included many mflow-like features within its latest release.

I’ll first go over some key features of mflow, before continuing to why I believe no number of Spotify updates will allow it to replace mflow.

I’ve been using mflow since the invite-only beta, and it has improved significantly already. When you first sign up to mflow, it can seem a little empty if you don’t have many friends on there. This is why it’s a really good idea to invite people you know to start using mflow too!

To start you off while you’re waiting for your friends to join, you can follow some of the mflow “channels,” which are flows streamed with a pre-set genre. These range from electronica to reggae, so the chances are you will find something you like. Also, if you search for an artist you like, by looking at their albums, you can see people who have flowed tracks from that album. A good place to start is by following these people. Oh yeh, and you can also follow Artists, DJs and record labels too!


Your Appaholic! We had downtime!

If you have been trying to get to Appaholic over the last few weeks, you may have noticed we had some serious downtime. Sadly, this was because we got hacked. All is safe now though, and the latest security features have been updated. If you are a registered user, no worries, as your password is safe, stored as a hash, meaning there is no way for anyone to access your password.

In other news, there is a new theme for the site being designed right now. I have a few ideas of what can be changed, quicker loading times, less clutter, more content! But really, the site is for you the reader, so please feel welcome to say what you want. Suggest features, software to review any ideas are welcome. The new design will see major upgrades to all areas of the site, including visitor interaction.

I know there hasn’t been much content over the last 6 months, been let down by two previous designers, but this time it looks really good! Planning to kick off the new site design with a few reviews and two really awesome interviews!

Oh Yeh, before I forget, TechRant has vanished! Expect a relaunch soon, with a fair few surprises! To subscribe for updates go to !

If you’ve read this far down, I think you should comment. What do you like here? What do you want more of? Less of? Ideas for improvement?

Appaholic re-design and re-development well underway!

Hi all,
It’s been some time here since a post has been made, so I just wanted to make it known that were currently undergoing re-development of the whole site, and progress is good!
The new design will be simplified compared to now, and it will also speed up the sites load time.
With the re-launch, we also plan to have a few interviews from yet to be disclosed name, some of which might be rather big.
Also in the plan is to push TechRant with the re-launch, with a number of fresh new writers ready to share some real quality with you.

If you have any thoughts or comments on what the new design should include or exclude, drop us a comment below.

F.lux – Helping You Sleep Better With The Power Of Light

2009-07-30_194031 F.lux Version Tested : 8th March 2009
Compatibility : Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux

Description : F.lux is a small genius bit of software which changes the colour of your screen from natural looking to artificial looking during the right hours, in order to help you sleep better. F.lux even helps you get the exact settings for your location in the world!

When I was introduced to F.lux, I didn’t really see much of a point, and it lay dormant in my list of possibilities for quite a while. Being a university student, I have been getting a fair number of late nights working, or gaming, and I though I could at least give it a try. There’s no direct image on the site showing what F.lux does. Sure it explains how it works, the science, the logic in the idea, but no comparison images. The fact of the matter is, you have to try it yourself.

Wait I hear you mac fans cry, isn’t F.lux the same as the Macbook ambient light sensor? READ MORE »

IE8 and this AppAholic do not get along

It has been brought to my attention that IE8 breaks AppAholic! Not that many of you are still using IE, but still, this is not good! If you are using IE8, I suggest you move to firefox or chrome, where it works fine!

The plan is to get the site re designed during September, and have it ready to launch early December!

Also, in other news, I have recently moved to using the windows 7 RC, and so have a load of new software to review! One will be up Monday morning! so keep your eyes pealed!

3 Minute Review – Twhirl – Your New Favourite Twitter Clinet

Version Tested : 0.9.2
Compatibility : Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac, Linux (works on Adobe Air)

Description : Twhirl is a twitter client, with a number of themes and the ability to deal with multiple accounts, while making tweeting and interaction easy!

This post is testing a new idea on Appaholic, the 3 minute review!

Looking forward to feedback on this!

Your thoughts?

Conclusion : I’m @relequestual, You have been watching the first 3 minute review on Appaholic. Twhirl seems like my twitter client of choice for now!

Website :
Download : For best results, go to the URL above and click on install. Easy.
Size : 1.57 MB + Adobe Air

IrfanView – The Powerful Yet Light Weight Image Viewer

2009-06-09_160015 IrfanView Version Tested : 4.25
Compatibility : Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7

Description : IrfanView is a speedy image viewing application, which also plays some audio and video. It supports a crazy number of image formats, has many plugins to customize its function, and also supports batch conversion. My image viewer of choice, IrfanView is a must for all. 1.3 MB of genius.

The original image viewer on XP, was basically, not very good. I found IrfanView when searching for a way to do batch image conversion, and it happened to be a super fast image viewer that supports many many MANY formats. I don’t actually know of an image viewer that supports more formats, which is probably due to IrfanView’s plugin system, with a default pack of plugins you can easily download and install, allowing you to open pretty much any image format you can find.


Interview – Jeff from Code Sector (creator of TeraCopy)

Jeff Freeman from Code Sector agreed to answer a few questions for Appaholic.

Code Sector is home to many awesome bits of software from TeraCopy to Direct Folders, both of which are my personal favourites! Jeff works for Code Sector full time developing software in Russia, and has been working in software development for over 10 years now. He has also recently started developing for Android too, so look out for Code Sector on the android market! There are freeware and paid versions of most of the Code Sector’s applications, so if you like the software, I would really encourage you to be buying!

1. What inspires you to create the applications you have so far?


We’re Moving Host At Last!

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve made any posts, but they are just about to start coming regularly again after the move!

There may be some down time over the next few days (11th – 14th June 2009), however it should be minimal.

The domain name will be transferred first, and then the site. Hopefully it will be painless and easy!

We’re still looking for a new site design at AppAholic, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, do comment!