Version Tested: 4.42 7 zip in action

Website: http://www.7-zip.org
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Description: File Zip programme with highest compression available that I’m aware of. Uses own formats as well as most others.

I could truthfully say that 7-Zip is the best file compression utility I have come across in years. It’s very easy to use but this definitely doesn’t mean that it is lacking in functionality. It offers both high performance and an intuitive interface, a balance which is difficult to get right. Its compression ratio is high, as it uses its own zipping format (7zip), which is better than anything else I’ve seen. It also makes a very tidy self-extracting archive without any unnecessary clutter. With an integrated benchmarking tool, you can test your system to see how much power it takes depending on the level of compression you’re after, before you start that 30gb job. It also integrates into the Windows right click menu which makes it very easy to compress a file with only a couple of clicks. This nifty zipper is certain to meet all of your compression needs.

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  1. Well I looked in here and it’s good, I see you recomend 7-zip and CCleaner, well they are some of the best software around in their fields, 7-zip is far better than winzip and 7-zip is free, CCleaner is the best for cookie removal and clearing the junk that you collect without knowing. Top marks.

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