IObit Smart Defrag

Version Tested : 2.1 Beta

Download: Page

Description: A disk defragger with an auto defrag feature, which can defrag files one at a time when the system has spare resources. Has express and full defrag, and enables scheduling

Although this programme is still in a beta state, I believe it’s worth mentioning. We all know what windows defrag is like on XP – sluggish, and requires you not to be doing anything else at the same time, or you’re in trouble!

Well this one is a little different. It allows you to defrag and continue working, and you’ll hardly notice that it’s using any resources. It’s simple and neat, without a tonne of confusing options. It also gives you a recommendation, like “defrag now” and “enable schedule”. You can set up the auto defrag, which defrags disks all the time when you machine is using less than a user defined CPU level. Kinda handy don’t you think? Personally I love this little programme – it means I now never have to think about defragging my disks every again. Yes, it does have a few adverts about its other products down the side, but I feel it’s a small price to pay for such a good app.

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