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I was browsing around yesterday, can’t remember exactly what I was looking for, but I came across this site, which has an icon resizer on it. However when I tried to download it, I was taken to a Russian translation. Anyway, after contacting the owner of the site, they emailed me the apps, and agreed to let me host them on this very blog.

So what’s so good about an icon resizer? Well, it enables you to enlarge your desktop icons bigger than Windows will let you. One step further towards to making your Windows OS look like a Mac!

I have decided on a new category too… Macify, linking you to the apps which can change your Windows OS to look like a Mac OS. Should be good!

5 Responses to “Appaholic Exclusive – Icon resizer”

  1. hey, i’ve been looking for icon resizer app in your web. but i couldn’t find it. may ask you for it?
    thank’s a lot.

  2. Yes, I fully apologize for that! I never got round to uploading it.
    If anyone wants it, please do contact me via email if you still want this app. I have it archived.
    Email to


  3. umm, i’ve emailed you at, a few weeks ago. have you received it? because there’s no reply from you.
    big thank’s.

  4. hey there
    yeh, ive tried several times by my emails bounce! even when i try to send them from my hotmail and my gmail
    can you email that address again please?

  5. yeap. maybe it’s better to use my yahoomail. here:
    thank youuuuu….
    hehehe… :p

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