Windows Live Writer

Version tested : 1.0.1 (6) Beta

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“Windows? Have you lost your mind?” I hear you say. Well usually I would be asking the same question, but in this case, I think they may have made something half decent. Firstly, it has a good range of supported blogs. Not being a massive blogger myself, especially not knowing the ins and outs, I found it really easy to set up and use. I was a bit concerned about giving out my username and password over to a MS app, but then I am running windows, so what can I say!

Although it is still in beta mode, I don’t have many complaints. I can use multiple blogs and also download the style of the blog I’m posting to, giving me a more realistic WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) feel. The insert image function is, for me, the best, as you can set standards with custom watermarks. It also automatically uploads them to your blog space if supported. Not only that, but it resizes the watermark for the thumbnail and main image file. Although it’s a bit difficult to make the image stay where you want, this isn’t a major issue.

There are loads of plug ins (or so I’m told) for this app, supporting special features for different blog sites, although I haven’t been able to access them, as the search function on the plug ins website doesn’t seem to like me very much, even through a number of online proxies.

There are only one or two annoying things I can think of other than that, one being the fact that each new post, or old post you open, opens in a different window. Hopefully that’s only because it’s in beta, as they will realise that tabs are the way forward.

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