Auslogics Registry Defrag

Version tested : 4.0

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Download : PageDirect

Description : Defrag’s the registry making the machine boot faster and programmers load faster.

This really is a supreme app that is so simple to use that anyone who can click the go button can use it. It’s a powerful little app, compressing and deranging your registry and making the machine load faster, added to which it’s TOTALLY FREE! (even though 99.9% of apps I review are free, it’s rare for them to fix what they find in the scans)

It carries out a scan, which does take a few minutes as it correctly states. After it has completed its scan, it shows you how much it can save you, and asks you to reboot to finish off the process. It does lock you out of using any other app in its scanning process though, but don’t be alarmed.

Does it actually work? Well I can’t say my test is scientific, but I sure have noticed the difference. The boot time to the log in screen appears to have been reduced by over 1/3, which is pleasantly surprising. It hasn’t improved the time it takes all my apps to load after login, but then I have other apps that do this.

If you’re a novice user, and you want a simple and effective way to boost your PC’s loading time, Auslogics Registry Defrag is your app. This one was designed with the user in mind.

But wait… what’s this? Something for the advanced user? Sure there is. On the reboot, it will bring up a report, detailing the registry values it changed. Although this isn’t much, it’s still enough to make you remember you know all about registry values!

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