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Description : Remote control software which enables you to securely access and control any machine with software you installed, via a browser.

I found this software about a year ago, and whilst I haven’t used it a lot, it has come in handy a few times. With apps of this nature, you often get different versions. When I started using it, there was only 3 versions: Free, Pro and Tech Support. Now there are 10! It goes without saying that LogMeIn is obviously doing rather well for itself, and the reason for this is probably because it does what it’s supposed to with such little hassle.

I will only be looking a the free version, as this is all the average home user will ever really need. Quick, easy, and simple remote control over your home machine from another machine, from your laptop when you’re near a hotspot, or anywhere that has internet access.

You have to sign up for a free account, and then download the software for any machine you want to control remotely.

You can enable and disable the remote control from the machine that the software is installed on. Once installed, it remains in the system tray, and even runs at start up. Although there is no setting for start up, it can always be disabled by using a start up manager like Start Up Delayer, another app I will review soon.

LogMeIn can go full screen and even sync clipboards with the remote machine and the host machine. Another very useful function is the ability to sign in and out of user accounts while still remaining in control. If your connection is slow, or you’re taking up lots of bandwidth, you can even lower the resolution and colour depth, making the remote connection faster.

Although there are so many versions, this one is just right for the home user. Although, as with every remote access app, you have to leave the machine on at home. No problem if it’s your server though. If you’re after free and simple remote access, then this is what you want.

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  2. I think LogMeIn and Proxy Networks stand above the rest of the competition in the remote control software sector. I have used most of what is out there and I think these two consistently rise to the top.

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