File Destructor – Blame your laziness on the system

2007-12-03_100956 File Distructor Version Tested : 2.0
Compatibility : Browser – Windows, Mac & Linux compatible

Description : Create fake damaged files of any size for free. Just in case you need to get that little bit of extra time to hand in some work or for work or anything at all. Quite a few file extensions to choose from, and a damaged file guaranteed. Blame it on the system rather than your time management.

Not having any use for such a tool, I can be quite sure many others will. Generally I keep mostly up to date with work and coursework, however, many do not. Many systems have upload space for teachers or professors to collect work. What better way to buy that bit of extra time than to upload a fake damaged file, that completely looks genuine, but is completely useless?

It currently boasts 23 file extensions, and always boats any size file you need! File types including .doc, .zip, .ppt, .xls, .psd, and even .mp3. Although this really won’t help you if you use it regularly, if you usually get everything done on time and feel you must squeeze a little more time, then this is the only safe way to do it.

Unlucky for some, the policy of the establishment is to take the last submitted piece of work as the final. Check this before making matters a lot worse for yourself if your doing project work which has required several stages of feedback.

Oh yeah, this one IS mac compatible too!

Conclusion : easy way out of admitting you need some more time on that all important work! Only down side is there is no Office 2007 file types. Guessing this will be updated soon though!

Website :
Download : N/A
Size : Any size you want!

9 Responses to “File Destructor – Blame your laziness on the system”

  1. I maayy abuse this app… =P Look out, college!

    Cheers, relequestual.

  2. your an idiot

  3. LOL!

    What a great find! A must have for any student!

  4. This tool is a good idea but poorly implemented because it’s totally random. It doesn’t even look like the supposed file type. For example, ZIP files normally start with “PK”. The first thing I try when I get a corrupt file is to open it and try to visually identify the file type. That way, if you send me a .DOC but it’s actually a ZIP, I’ll see it and rename it. Therefore, I can spot such a fake file in seconds.

    BTW, D1ablo, you should have written “you’re an idiot”… Who’s looking like an idiot now ?

  5. Merlin, I agree with what you say here. If a person is foolish enough to submit anything generated using it to an ICT or Computing teacher, then more fool them.
    You’r right, it would make it that much better, but then the whole file could be corrupt, and so the whole thing apart from the file extension could be screwed.
    It would add that extra bit of authenticity to it.

  6. lol…i normally save a blank file with a relevant name and send that in….or i send in the file in the 2007 word format by “accident” =P

  7. having said that i normally get it done on time anyways

  8. This site rocks! *Link removed by admin*
    BANG! and the spam is gone!

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