AppAholic Version 2 update scheduled for 2 weeks time

Hey everyone. A lot of work recently has been spent sorting all the first major update for this site! You can check out the current progress right now on

That’s the first thing, the domain name. all set up and ready, wordpress installed, all plugins fully functional. Just waiting for the exchange over, which will mean downtime of a few days starting Christmas week.

This also means that there probably won’t be any updates on here until after the change over is complete for the new year. The best way to stay tuned and make sure the moving process is as easy as possible for you is to SUBSCRIBE TO THE RSS FEED. The feed URL will not be changing which makes everyone’s life a little bit easier.

Continue reading for information on the new features the site will include

The new website will include quite a few awesome features!

Google search box, Translations into 10 other languages, Random posts of the moment, Recent comments, User sign up (Which means you can be entered into prize draws), Share This (Social bookmarking aid), and a small number of advertisements.

The advertisements are just to give me a little help, as I’m currently saving for University! Rather than donating your own money, donate other peoples, by simply clicking on a few “Sponsors”, which will pay for your posts.

There has also been rumours of a second AppAholic blog around. This is confirmed, however the details are still to officially confirmed. There will be merchandize to buy about 2 months after the site goes live, or possibly even sooner.

And finally, we need your opinion, as it is YOU we blog for!

Any comments or suggestions about improving AppAholic?

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