We Have Moved – Welcome To The New Domain

That’s right. All the content from the old website is now here! Update your bookmarks, but no need to change your RSS feed subscriptions! Now that is rather handy!

This wordpress.com hosted blog will no longer be updated, while the new www.appaholic.co.uk website will continue to be updated!

Enjoy checking out the new features! Soon I will post a recap over the last year of AppAholic along with an introduction to some of the new features of AppAholic version 2.

5 Responses to “We Have Moved – Welcome To The New Domain”

  1. Will you please check the link you have provided? I think there is an extra ‘p’. Its leading nowhere (I typed one out). I traveled from the wordpress.com post.
    Anyway, happy new year…

  2. Thanks. Cant believe I did that! Twice! lol
    You saved me alot of “hey that link dnt work” comments to wake up to in the morning!

  3. But brother check the wordpress.com link again! :) And here in this post too. Check the html codes (you have corrected the text though)…they still have those extra p’s…
    And consider me a regular visitor here.

  4. Hi. My name is y0himba and I am an APPAHOLIC. So as an APPAHOLIC I am suffering from APP withdrawal. Please help me by posting an APP. Thank you for your support.

  5. Thanks y0himba.
    I am working very hard to produce the next few posts. Sadly due to exams this January and a serious stack course work, AppAholic has had to take second priority.
    I will say though, the previous flow of content will return and continue! Very soon!
    I know its been a while. I have to get into Uni, so I need my grades. AppAholic will continue!

    Keep subscribed, and wear the AppPatch during this difficult period. =P

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