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2008-01-25_223036 Rainlendar Version Tested : 2.3
Compatibility : 2000, XP, Vista, Linux

Description : Easy to use organisation calendar application with highly customisable features and many skins. Intuitive design. Can set reminders, alarms, events to do lists, and even re-occurring events. Can also sync to Outlook and Google Calendar.

Up until recently, I have been using Yahoo widgets as my calendar. A friend of mine had recommended Rainlendar quite a while ago, but at first I was sceptical. After all, I was quite happy with my Yahoo widget. The problem, however, was that I was using many Yahoo Widgets to cater for one problem. I decided it was about time that I try this Rainlendar app!

To my pleasant surprise it was rather handy, and I can’t think how I organised my life before it. I had been using a separate calendar and event countdown manager to track events. An all-in-one solution was a much better option, and actually took less computer power to run.

At first I did not like the general theme, so I quickly found a skin to my liking. This wasn’t difficult, as there are many many skins to choose from. You would really find it quite hard to find a skin that you didn’t like. The choice is really up to you. Plus it is highly customisable with many different views. If you want to view two months at a time you can, in any order you want. I found that it was the only calendar that I didn’t like the look of, which is not a problem as you can mix and match elements of skins to match your preferred style.

Adding an event is very easy. Just double click on a date, which brings up a window where you simply enter the date and time of the events, setting an alarm if you wish. You can categorise your events into many predefined categories. The events will then be displayed in the event window, which can be altered to show events from a particular number of days or months away. This is rather handy for deadlines.

I really like the to-do list as well. You can set the time and date of the task, categorise the task and even set a priority for it. You can configure the to-do window to display the list any way round you want with primary and secondary ordering, including alphabetically; by category; by start and due dates; priority; location, and even a custom field.

One feature often overlooked is the ability to have multiple calendars. Using multiple calendars makes it easy to track the progress of multiple people or projects that you are currently working on. Features that are not overlooked include the ability to synchronise with Outlook Calendars and Google Calendars! However, this is only in the Pro version, which isn’t free.

Rainlendar conforms to calendar standards called iCalandar, which means it can be easily imported and exported between different calendar systems. There are a few remaining features I haven’t yet used, however I can see they will become rather handy. Remaining features include backups, printing and searching. Backups are always useful, whereas printing and searching are only really needed if you have many entries and events. I tend to put the same events on my mobile as well. I expect that if my phone was slightly better, I would be able to sync between Google Calendar, my phone, and Rainlendar all in one. That would be quite something.

Finally, a scripting language called LUA means you can edit the functionality of Rainlendar, leaving the options as open as your mind, and free time, allows.

Conclusion : I resisted changing from Yahoo widgets to Rainlendar, but now I am glad I did. It’s simple interface makes it easy to keep track of all your events and tasks that need to be carried out. Being able to set the task priority and current completion of a task is very rewarding, and helps to keep you focused on the task. If you are currently disorganised, this is where to start.

Website : www.rainlendar.net
Download : Page
Size : 3.44 MB (win lite)

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