ZAMZAR – Convert Files And Download Them In One Go!

2008-01-28_131439 ZamZar Version Tested : Jan 25th 2008
Compatibility : Browser

Description : Free file conversion website that supports a very wide range of file types including the majority of Documents, Images, Music, Video, and compression formats. Free version offers maximum file size of 100MB. Even transcode direct from the URL before you download.

First of all, I think its important to point out that the Conversion-Process of ZamZar is not always instant. Sometimes it can take upto an hour before you can download your transcoded 100MB video file. But when it comes to the point where you don’t want to install another application to transcode files (and yes, you may eventually find that you don’t want to!) then I think ZamZar is the solution that will work for you, whilst leaving your computer resources alone to carry on doing other things!

I noted that probably the most useful feature is being able to change the file type BEFORE downloading the file, just by knowing the URL. This can be extremely useful with music and videos! The file types supported are as follows;

Documents – .cvs; .doc; .docx; .odp; .ods; .odt; .pdf; .ppt; .pptx; .ps; .pub; .rtf; .wpd; .wps; .xls and .xlsx.

Images – .bmp; .gif; .jpg; .pcx; .png; .tga; .tiff and .wbmp.

Audio – .aac; .ac3; .flac; .m4a; .mp3; .ra; .ram; .wav and .wma.

Video – .ra; .ram; .3gg; .avi; .flv; .gvi; .m4v; .mov; .mp4; .mpg; .rm; .rmvb; .vob and .wmv.

Compression Formats – .7z; .cab; .lzh; .rar; .tar; .tar.ghz; .tar.bz2; .yz1; and .zip.

That’s quite an extensive list!

Of course, when I referred to something as the most useful feature, I wasn’t counting the number of different file types and the browser button feature. Both of which are really really neat. The Zamzar web browser button is a very interesting and potentially massive time saving feature that I cant say I have seen anywhere else before.

On the website, under tools, you drag and drop a button to your bookmarks. When on a website that has video sharing, like youtube, you simply click the button in the bookmarks toolbar, and then it will bring up a new window with the url of the video to convert already entered into the box. Its then as simple as entering the required file type and your email address. You will then get sent the download link to the video already in your chosen format. Video websites supported include Youtube, Google Video, Myspace, Rewer, PutFile,, Apple Trailers, Dailymotion, Metacafe, IFile, Grouper, and

This isn’t just restricted to video websites, however. The button also applies to any files it can detect on any website you are viewing! It will then display a list of files that can be converted from the webste you are currently on, which you can then click and convert. That’s seriously handy!

Obviously you can’t convert an mp3 to a word document. The conversion types are split into the four categories detailed above. I can see the converting of zip files being rather useful, as I personally like my zip files in 7z format yet somehow manage to be downloading rar files. How annoying! To see the full file-to-file list, click here.

ZamZar supports .pdf format. However, some that I tested have ‘protection’ which stops them from being copied directly from websites. Easily enough, I found that downloading them to my hard-drive and then uploading them to ZamZar is a simple work-around. I recieved an almost-instant email with the download link. PDF files can, of course, be converted by Google’s “view as HTML” feature, instead of using ZamZar.

You can sign up for a free account that will keep your converted files for 7 days so you can re-download them if you want to. Paid accounts allow for greater storage, bigger files and faster conversion rates.

Conclusion : A revolution in file conversion, and shows the true power of web applications. I believe this is an example of good use of javascript within a bookmark, which I haven’t seen before now. I would bet that it’s the first of many to come.

If you want to convert one file to another but still require your full computer-power; without having to download ‘this converter’ or ‘that converter’ (having no idea if it even works or not), then go to ZamZar. Changes file types as easy as a chameleon changes it’s colour!

Website :
Download : (web app)
Converted files of your choice in the format of your choice.
Size : (web app) 100MB or under in the free version

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  1. Looks great, but in all honesty how many of them file formats had you never heard of until discovering ZamZar? =P Still, I guess in rare cases the huge options will actually be useful…

  2. this is actually so useful
    need it badly for me film studies by downloading videos of youtube etc…
    thank god its free!

  3. wallnutboy…. it just makes it more accessible to everyone then doesn’t it?

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  5. it good

  6. its very nice
    Thank you

  7. ZamZar is great if you like to do conversion via webservices

  8. I’ve never tried this site. I’ll check it out

  9. Thanks for the converter information. Im always looking for good freeware, and it’s great to know where I can go to do my conversions now.


  10. Wheres my DxWnd!?!?!

  11. I then found a blog on the latest movies and videos! anyone interested

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