Mmm – Make those right click menus more appetising

2008-03-13_112906 mmm Version Tested : 2.02
Compatibility : XP

Description : Enables you to edit right click (context) menus with real ease. Drag and drop items into a "rarely used" sub menu. Simply clicking on the special context menus.

Every time you install a new app (lets face it, every other day if your an AppAholic), they add items to your right click context menu, without even asking you for permission! (How Rude). Or, when you install A FireFox Addons (Even though we call them Plugins), you may get as many as 5 extra items placed on your right click menu.

Several weeks ago, after uninstalling some app, it failed to remove its right click menu item. Mmm solved this by letting me delete the entry. Also when I was trying out AVG Anti Spyware, I kept clicking on the scan for that rather than AVG free! How annoying! It got removed very fast.

Using Mmm couldn’t be more simple.

When you right click, there will be small sidebar that has a dot at the top. Clicking this dot will bring up the editor for that menu. You can then drag items from the menu into a "rarely used" sub menu, and even delete the entry.

As I’m sure your aware, there are a number of different context menus. In my right click menu for files, I have several zipping applications that I’ve used for different tasks. Mmm enables me to move the less often used items on any right click menu in windows, to a sub menu. Clearing the right click menu clutter. Other context menus included the desktop, and different types of files sometimes even have their own context menu.

A few things I have to mention, there is a paid version called Mmm+. You can add your own sub menus, where as you cant in the free version, plus it also supports more context menus, like the outlook context menu and Internet Explorer. No idea if the paid version supports FireFox, although there is an alternative plugin which I will review shortly along with some other FF plugins.

Id like to see this come to Vista though, as I have recently installed Vista on my new comp. This gives me another reason to stick to XP for that little bit longer.

Conclusion : XP only, free version not updated since 2005 (but still does what I expect), however paid version updated recently. Nice and simple tool for moving rarely used items on the right click menu to somewhere still accessible, but not intrusive. The sidebar on the context menu is clear colour coded to show if the menu has been edited, and one click brings up the window to edit that context menu. If you want to completely customize the right click menu on most apps, you may even buy the + version.

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  3. Mmm partially works in vista although it affects some progams menus (task manager and other applications crash if you use any menus)

  4. Here are a few other tools that give some control over the Explorer context menu (comment box wouldn’t let me post links):

    FileMenu Tools (free) (pretty good)

    CMenuExtender (free, open source) (could use some user interface improvements)

    Context Menu Organizer from WaveL/StudioZai (free version available/also eval) (note: may need disabling/reenabling to get working the first time)

  5. Thanks for sharing this application. I will go check it out myself. :)

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