AppAholic is 1 YEAR old! (Hiatus till late June)

birthday_cupcake-WEB AppAholic is officially one year old tomorrow! Rather exciting. Something that started off as another wild project that would have been expected never to last, actually turned out to be fun, exciting, and interesting. Since AppAholic started in April last year, over 100,000 hits, featured on 30+ blogs and websites (including LifeHacker and Donation Coder), and gained over 1,000 subscribers. I never thought I would get anywhere near figures like that!

Its at times like this where we thank websites for links, especially our top referral THE Freeware Genius, Samer. He’s been more than helpful with many things to do with wordpress and blogging. The is also an interview with him found HERE. Also thanks goes to the editors for their good will to help me out with my atrocious spelling. Thanks goes to LukeJ, for the logo design! But MOST of all, thank you for reading! If you didn’t, then there would be no AppAholic.

As some of you more regular readers may have noticed, there has been a lack of content being posted recently. I’m completely bogged down with all this coursework and revision in the lead up to the end of my A Levels at college.

I think its important that you know I won’t have the time to post regally again until late June when my exams end. In the mean time, check out the random posts on the sidebar and the categories.

I’ve just added the sphere related content plugin to the site, so now you can also look at similar posts using that, while also looking at the blogasphere widget on the sidebar.

From Today, I also remind you of the Meebo Me widget on the toolbar. You can use it to talk to me when I’m online, which is most likely to be between 12:15 and 1pm Monday to Friday (GMT). I may be online other random times, but do remember its GMT for me.

Plans for AppAholic are always coming to mind, so when it comes to late June, its time to really start paying attention.

Wish me luck.


4 Responses to “AppAholic is 1 YEAR old! (Hiatus till late June)”

  1. Good luck!

  2. Pssst, it’s “Late June”, I need my Appaholic fix. :D

  3. thank you yOhimba, I needed that wake up call. I’m currently working on a post that will be up by Wednesday! hows that?
    Glad your wanting another fix :D

  4. /me waits for Wednesday eagerly. :P ~~

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