Uxtheme Patches – Enable ANY theme for XP and Vista

2008-06-25_153052 UXTheme MP6 Version Tested : XP SP3
Compatibility : Win XP, Vista (inc 64), Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows 7 (apparently)

Description : Windows does the the ability to change your theme to something more exciting, however, Microsoft limited the themes to MS signed themes only. These Patches undo this, enabling any theme to be used.

Since the kind people at StyleXP stopped responding to my free key requests for my readers, (You), I decided to search for a freeware alternative. Luckily I remembered something I had seen in development around the time I first discovered StyleXP. My StyleXP Key came to rest, and so when I finally decided it was time to get Uxtheme Patcher, I also set up an auto response email for those still trying to get a free key.

If your a bit bored of your standard windows theme, chances are that you wouldn’t mind a bit of a change. Personally, after using a mac, I like the Mac GUI more than Windows, so why not just change my windows theme to a mac theme? If you look at the screen shot, you will see. I use the Panther theme.

The patches work better than something like windows blinds or StyleXP, as they use very little resources in compassion. Where StyleXP used to use as little as 20MB, the patch uses none that I’m aware of. It also enables you to use any theme easily.

There are patches for all Windows versions and SP’s, even beta’s. according to Website, it also supports Windows 7 (hum). I may have to have a word with the author about this.

Anyway, I have been using it since StyleXP ran out, and haven’t had a problem, nor expect any. Its not a 100% alternative to StyleXP, but does cater for the main styling. You won’t be able to use it to set custom boot or login screens. Stay tuned and I may just show you how.

The easiest way to use the patch is to download and run the multi patcher, which works with all Windows XP installations, SP1, SP2, SP3, and beta variations thereof. The multi patcher isn’t created or supported by the original author, and doesn’t support Windows Vista. There is still a Vista patch (for SP1 too), however no auto patcher and it must be done manually (link at end of post)

The next question is now I CAN use non Microsoft themes, where do I find them? Well there are a few blogs that come up if you search in Google for Vista themes or XP themes. Some of the sites cant be trusted, as the downloads also install adware. Website’s I trust include www.customize.org for XP themes, and www.myvistathemes.com and www.vista-themes.net for Vista themes. By all means use any site you choose, just a few I looked at. You could also download and install the trial of Style XP, and then just disable it. The themes will still be in the theme drop down list.

Conclusion : Enables the use of non Microsoft themes on windows platforms. No more boring XP or Vista theme. Bring on choice and variety other than "The all new fab uber super ZUNE theme yay". Works well, multi patcher for XP.

Note: to find out your Service Pack version, right click my computer, then properties.

Note 2: The Multi Patcher is XP only and auto detects the version. All patches including Vista versions are found on the Website link below.

Website : www.withinwindows.com/uxtheme-patches
Download : Multi Patch XP (direct) – Vista InstructionsVista SP1 Direct
Size : 420KB ish

11 Responses to “Uxtheme Patches – Enable ANY theme for XP and Vista”

  1. I have used these type of patches on every machine I have had since the dawn of XP, and I am currently using it on my Vista Business SP1 machine. It’s painless and reversible. Thanks for the the 2 vista style links! I have been using Deviantart. Combine this with Sidebar Styler, and there is no use for the bloated Stardock software.

  2. Agree – DeviantArt has some outstanding themes available there – I just downloaded a very good one earlier today that mimics the Office 2007 theme across all of WinXP.

  3. Deviantart is a very good source for these kind of things! They really have masses available for free download!!!

  4. how u take them off

  5. The same way you change the theme. windows theme manager

  6. http://www.vistafeel.com s a very good source for these kind of things! They really have masses available for free download!!!

  7. How do you download the theme shown above at the top? I searched this page for a download button, but i didn’t find anything!

    I am currently trying to make my p.c look more like a mac, because, I work with Dell’s, and i only know how to repair Dells. Believe me… if I could buy a Mac i would…it’s not that I can’t afford them, it is that my job only works with Dell’s. I am thinking about buying a Dell Studio, if anyone has any further information on the Dell Studio, please post a message!
    Thank You!! =)

  8. Hi sarah.
    I used to use stylexp, but my key expired. the themes still work though.
    If you want to go all out on mac look a like, try two of the links on this page (http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-packs-to-transform-windows-to-other-os/)


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