Transparent TaskBar – So Simple, My Cat Could Use It

2008-06-29_191428 Transparent TaskBar Version Tested : 1.0.29
Compatibility : Win All

Description : A simple small lightweight freeware app to make your taskbar transparent. One slider. Couldn’t be easier.

Since StyleXP bit the dust as far as my computer is concerned, one feature I missed, as I’m sure many other do, is making the taskbar transparent. Well no need to worry any longer, no need to fret. Transparent TaskBar can solve this problem.

One of the most light weight software I have found to date, while still doing everything I expect. In the image, you can see the a funny little rectangle above the about box. This is the essence of what Transparent TaskBar is.

In the grey area, your mouse can drag the little box, just incase you want to change it. The little black line in the white area is your slider. Simply click anywhere in the white area and you can move the slider up and down by dragging. Your taskbar will change its level of transparency. I’m not sure why I even want the taskbar to be transparent, but I just feel it should, even though I have it set to auto hide. I guess I just like my background a lot.

A right click anywhere on the area will give you the option to view the about window, select from four pre set transparency levels, and close. Closing leaves the transparence level set, while restarting will not. You can naturally set it to auto start, which is another option found in the right click menu. This works silently and in the background. In fact I often forget the little thing is even there. You can also set to be always on top, although why you would want this I’m not sure, but I’m equally sure someone will.

Conclusion : Another classic case of an app doing exactly what it says on the tin. Changes your taskbar’s transparency and resets the level on start up.

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Size : 356 KB

5 Responses to “Transparent TaskBar – So Simple, My Cat Could Use It”

  1. While not really needed on Vista, this is wonderful for XP users. Simplicity is best, does one thing and does it well.

  2. Normally I have the taskbar hidden using ObjectDock, but I tried this and discovered that it doesn’t seem to work with custom themes, but it may just be on my computer.

  3. I agree, uesless for vista but nice for xp users, like myself atm.

    It works with my custom theme nicely. It may be an extra toolbar you have on your taskbar which stops it from working. I tried objectdock yesterday, but really couldn’t get on with it. tbh, thats one of the one things i didn’t really like about macs, however, i also don’t use the start menu. LAUNCHY FOREVER! lol

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