Im Going On A Summer Holiday (Prezzy Inside)


2008-07-27_102318 MyHPF I’m going on holiday for the next 10 days. Christian summer camp. woooo! Should be really awesome!

Anyway, thought I’d give everyone a little gift before I went away. You know how you search things alot on the web? Use google lots? Well every time you make a search, they make some money. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your hands on a bit of this money?

Well now you can. Its not a get rich quick scheme, but My Homepage Friends (that’s the link by the way), enables you to earn a bit of money, where you would earn nothing. It all depends how much you search. You cannot of course make fake searches or use robots to automate searching. My Homepage Friends uses yahoo search, so your results will not be impaired at all. You sign up, and then you can make it your homepage, or you can add it to your search box. No tie ins, no worries. Simple fair money.

I love it, and so should you. Money for switching to yahoo as your search engine. Its worth a shot! That’s what I thought, and now I’m telling you.



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  1. I checked out something very much the same to your “Im Going On A Summer Holiday (Prezzy Inside) | AppAholic – Review And Download Link” post at another site I frequent… at any rate, I feel apple is usually overrated but has a lot of great stuff too.

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