Styler – Style The Windows Explorer Toolbar Your Way

OK, some of this apps other features include the ability to change the wallpaper. It loads the images found in a selected folder (default My Pictures), and then lets you select which would be best for your desktop. You can also change how, ie. stretch, centre or tiled. You can even play with colour settings, like hue, brightness, saturation, plus the standard RGB sliders, just if your into that kinda thing.

The fourth tab along, is called Desktop, which has the “other graphical enhancements” which I spoke of in the initial description. One is to add drop shadow, which works rather well, and looks darn nice too. Shame it has a problem with tabbed MSN windows though. Leaves a residual shadow with minimized windows from tabbed conversations. But hey, if you don’t use tabbed MSN chat windows, go ahead and try it out!

The rest of the options are desktop icon related. You can increase the icon size (much like Icon Resizer I reviewed before), and change things like the spacing of icons if they are aligned to grid. A word of warning, before playing with these settings, be aware, it can revert your icons back to a standard formation! I advise you use DIMangerX to backup your desktop shortcuts icons or whatever you want to call them. I’m sure I DID review, but anyway, here is a link to the download (It is in English, you just have to find the German English switch). I just get so depressed when something moves ALLLLLL my icons and shortcuts to the far left, when they were all neatly arranged into sections that made sense to no one but myself.

Conclusion : Easy to use with an intuitive GUI. Was hard to find extra styles, but now I’ve done that for you. Makes the GUI of Windows Explorer more up to date, even mimicking the latest Vista style and functionality. One addition to the list of style changing apps I will be keeping for as long as I use XP. Shame there is nothing like this for Vista (that I know of)

The Question for you : Does anyone know of a Vista alternative? What styles do you like the most? What styling software do you use? If not, why do you like the windows default style best?

Website : Website unavailable. Now hosted by CrystalXP
Download : PageDirectDeviant art link HERE for styles
Size : 733 KB

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  2. CrystalXPnet links also broken

  3. download works fine for me. try it now. it may have just been down time

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