It’s Been A While, But Something Is Cooking…

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a review. I’m currently packing to go to University. It’s a lot of work! Also last Friday I went Snowboarding and Skydiving, which was a lot of fun! I may or may not have time for a review this week, everything’s a bit tight. I’m moving on the 19th, so at the latest, you should have a review on the Monday or Tuesday.

In other news, did you know AppAholic is expanding?

It’s all a bit hush hush, but if your a regular visitor, you may have seen a few slight changes here and there around the site. I’m hosting a second blog, which will have multiple authors, and feature lots of technology and computer related news, tips, and rants. I’ve been working on this for around 3 months now, and its gradually becoming the blog I want it to be. It should be fully released next month! That’s assuming someone at Uni doesn’t screw up my internet.

I also recently got a laptop! Its a really nice custom spec from Dell. This will give me a good chance to realise all the software I can’t live without. Be prepared to expect some really decent reviews.

Anyway, I must dash. Still lots of packing to do this week. Lots of people to see.

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2 Responses to “It’s Been A While, But Something Is Cooking…”

  1. Do you need any other writers for your second blog?

  2. Good luck with your going to university and the second blog of course! Looking forward to it.

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