Direct Folders – Get To The Folder You Want, Faster (From The Creator of TeraCopy)

2008-09-23_121951 Direct Folders Version Tested : 3.32
Compatibility : Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista

Description : Revolutionary software that allows you get directly to the folder you want with a few clicks. No more having to navigate to commonly used directories. Non obtrusive GUI which only appears when white space or the desktop is double clicked.

Gradually, the number of programs that claims to allow you faster access to folders, both generally, and in open / save dialogs. Well I’ve tried quite a few of them, and I seem to forget about them, or find them in a place where its not easy to remember. Direct Folders is different.

I’m rather impressed with this bit of freeware. It utilizes an action that doesn’t already get used by windows. We all know double clicking on files or shortcuts opens the item, however, what about double clicking on white space or the desktop? Now that’s such a decent way to open a custom locations menu!

DM2 (previously reviewed) adds a favourite menu icon to open / save dialog box’s. It’s handy, however not as good as Direct Folders. An icon is fine, but it involves moving, while double clicking on white space in an open / save dialog, is just so much simpler, and less easy to forget! I know how pathetically petty that sounds, but seriously, it makes a whole world of difference.

You can also double click on the desktop (obviously not on a file), to open the menu, and consequently, open explorer in your chosen folder. Put simply, no more opening explorer or my computer and then locating the required folder.

Ok, I have to tell you, this is just the freeware version. There is also PRO version. But, before I say any more about the pro version, there’s one more feature I need to tell you about. When the an open / close dialog box comes up, how often do you resize it to make it bigger? Well guess what, Direct Folders automatically does this for you! YAY! I can say that’s a time saver for sure.

The Pro version does add a few features. An info panel can be shown above the open / save dialog, which shows the full path, a big icon, date and size of the selected file. I guess this could be useful, however I cant see I’d use this. Another feature of the pro version allows the menu to show free and used space on each hard disk and copy file or filder path to clipboard, both through an info sub menu. Again, I don’t have use for this, but you may well do. There are a few more features of the pro version I would use however.

You can set a default folder for different applications open / save dialogs. Now this is rather useful. One feature I was annoyed wasn’t in the free version, was the ability to change the folders icon in the menu. I know this is such a small thing in comparison to what the program provides, however, as my launcher only uses icons, I’ve become accustom to use icons is cues as to what I’m opening.

There is one more feature in the freeware version, called Click Switch. Personally I find this annoying, however you may like this. The website puts it as, “make a file dialog instantly jump to the folder already opened in explorer.” No doubt its clever, but I don’t see any practical use it to.

Conclusion : The core features of this app add to the ease of using and finding folders. Accessing folders faster in open / close dialogs, and in explorer, even from the desktop, is a real big bonus! My new favourite folder locator is Direct Folders. Getting you there, direct.

Website :
Download : PageDirect
Size : 1.2 MB

8 Responses to “Direct Folders – Get To The Folder You Want, Faster (From The Creator of TeraCopy)”

  1. I would also check out FileBox eXtender which functions in a similar manner and is freeware. You can find it at No disrespect to your pick, but it’s only free for home users. This one is free for everyone.

  2. Neat find my friend. Yeh that looks good. In fact those features are already in the app I talked about called DM2. The thing I like about this menu app, is you don’t have to click in only one place, like an icon. I just felt it brought a new idea into how folders can work.
    That app does look rather near. I like the idea of having the extra buttons for roll up n roll down and keep ontop. I’d give it a go if I wasn’t already too used to middle clicking on the minimise icon. (DM2 is awesome and portable too.) Plus I’m not sure it would go with my theme.

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  4. on second thoughts Leland, this app might just be uber useful for use on a laptop. no middle click! gasp! lol

  5. I’ve been using folder guide for this (except the open dialogue resizing) for years.

  6. When I started nreading this article I was sceptical about the usefulness of this sort of addon. But I gave it a try and now I don’t want to miss it anymore on my laptop… Thanks :-)

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  8. Guys – if you like this, then you should have a look at the incredible FLASHFOLDER!!!
    I tested these utils because I hate wasting my time navigating into a deep folder hierarchy – flashfolder is without doubt the KING in this category!!!

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