CleanMem – A Memory Cleaner That Actually Works!

2008-10-11_114035 CleanMem Version Tested : 1.3.0
Compatibility : Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (32x and 64x)

Description : Memory Cleaner that doesn’t force memory to cache on the hard disk, but rather uses a windows API function to request memory back from processes that are claiming more than they actually need. I’ve never heard of such an API, but by gosh does this work! If you value your RAM, believe me when I tell you, you want this right now.

Ok, before you start having a go at this software, you need to try it! Stop throwing fits, going, “oh its a memory cleaner, it will just shove all the memory onto the hard disk and lag my system big time,” STOP. Stop right there. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE!

I’m always sceptical about memory cleaners, but when I saw this post on, I had to stop and have a read. Just for those that haven’t yet discovered, its full of really awesome how to’s, software, and giveaways. Well worth subscribing to if you use RSS feeds at all. Anyway, this software doesn’t even use any resources while waiting. On install, it sets up a schedule in windows to run every half hour, and closes  itself when finished.

After my computers been on most of the day, I find that about 80-90 % of my 2GB RAM is being used. Most of this is Firefox, usually about 300-400MB. Usually the only way to clear Firefox’s RAM issue is to restart it. So I ran the exe (from the windows schedule window), and to my amazement, the memory usage of Firefox lowered to under 10MB! YES, NOW THATS AMAZING! I admit, I continued to use Firefox, and the usage went up to 80MB rather quickly, but even so, that’s a HUGE cut off the 300MB plus it was before hand.

Usually, when my computer boots, when its finished loading all my crap (Yes I admit, I need a clear out), it’s already using about 40%, and that’s before I open the likes of Firefox and Media Monkey. A few hours later, and I can be using 70% of my RAM. right now, My computers been on around 4 hours, and I’ve got loads of stuff running as usual, and yet, my Ram usage is on 41%. Now that again, is impressive.

I’ve told you what it does for my system, now how about you try it and let me know what wonder’s it does for yours? “But I want to play massive RAM using games like Bioshock,” I hear you cry. No worries, this even works with them, as it only requests Ram that’s not being used. If any process needs that RAM right now, it keeps hold of it.

Conclusion : For those of you with memory issues, this little app is a lifesaver! I love it, others love it, and its the only memory cleaner I’ve ever seen that actually works. Try it, and if you don’t see the difference, just uninstall it. Easy. After all, you have nothing to loose, and lots of RAM to gain.

Website :
Download : PageDirect
Size : 1.7 MB

9 Responses to “CleanMem – A Memory Cleaner That Actually Works!”

  1. This tool sounds great, but doesn’t MiniMem do the same?
    I don’t think this forces memory caching on the hard disk either.
    This helps a lot for Firefox!

  2. Your correct.
    As pointed out, with minimem, you have to keep it running all the time, where as with CleanMem, it runs itself and then closes every half hour (or what ever you set), therefor not having another icon in your system tray at start up, and i have QUITE a few of those already.

  3. Great post! I have been using this since it was released, and it just WORKS, period. It recovers just a bit of memory each time, and I have noticed my machine running a bit more smooth…

  4. why not sweepram, though i suppose it is written in vb6, it works the same way. it is smaller in distribution size.
    i kept it running once every 15 mins using xp scheduler when i ran firefox with auto refreshing my inbox.
    dunno how this is done, coz i was thinking to convert the coding into autoit.

  5. Also System Explorer does that, but on-demand.

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  7. I am using MCAFEE antivirus on my system, some times MCAFEE runs MCPROXY.EXE process and it uses 99% of CPU making system dead slow. I have to open task manager and close that processes. Is there any application that can set CPU usage limit or close the processess that take more than specified limit? please help me. Thanks in advance

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