PPTminimizer – Shrink those PPT and DOC files (free key)

2008-11-03_230243 PPTminimizer Version Tested : 4.0
Compatibility : Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista

Description : Large doc and ppt files are a problem no more! Normal costs money, however there is a legal way to get it for free (for personal use only). With the ability to shrink power point presentations and word documents by a ridiculous amount, I give you, PPTminimizer. It can also automatically shrink files before they are sent as email attachments. Special!

One thing to say about this app. I like. Its something simple, that performs a task that we all COUILD perform, but it would take quite a while longer than the small time this app takes. In essence, this is the whole point of computers, and this app is a good idea, and apparently well used by large companies, such as Dell, IBM, Microsoft, BT, Sony, NASA, HP, Nokia, Cisco Systems…. The list goes on. Needless to say, I get the feeling this software is widely approved.

More on the features. I’m only testing the home version, but there is also a server version as well (which I shall talk about later). PPT and DOC files can be reduced up to 98%, now that’s quite a claim! As you can see from the screen shot, I found it hard to do much testing. I had a few larger files, and one online which I could download. The results were impressive. This is not compression, the original file format is kept!

It also compresses StarOffice and OpenOffice files (as long as its saved in MS file format), but hey, that’s not difficult to do. Drag and drop the files, or add them manually to the list of docs to compress using your standard open dialog box. One question about this is, does it work on any computer? or do you need the software already installed? Answer, No! I was impressed, decided to test, and found that it does indeed work. This is because it doesn’t actually change the file type at all.

How it actually works is to take the images from the file, be it power point or word doc, and changes the format and lowers the quality. Not lower the quality so it’s noticeable, but lower the quality, so its just good enough to use on a projector. In fact, there are several settings, where you can change the level of compression. This is something rather clever. We could all do this, but chances are, as we take images off the web, their quality isn’t optimised for anything, they are just the same quality but reduced in size. Also, if you crop an image, the rest of the image is kept incase you wish to un crop. The rest of the image that you cant see, that you cropped off, can be removed, therefore reducing the size of the image again. Clever stuff!

Remember how I said about email attachments in the description? Well were talking an Outlook add-in, and for power point, word, and explorer. I can see how this can be quite useful when you’ve finished a project, not having to open the app to use the optimisation.

Finally, if your feeling a bit adventurous, or your a developer, there is a developer version SDK. Not sure what this entails, however it includes major programming languages including C#, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic and VB.net. If you want more info, there’s a link on the site.

Oh and before I forget, there is a legal way to obtain a free key! HERE. If your a WOT user, you’ll note it has a bad rating. No idea why this is, but the actual PPT website has a good rating.

Conclusion : Nice interface, and it really works. Unless you have lots and lots of power point presentations or word documents with lots of images, then you won’t need this. However, if you do, then this might be just the tool your looking for. If you have a small USB, or need to email documents or power point presentations, this may also be your new best friend. Normally costing £19.95 per user, but free for you.

oh, note, you do have to give your email in order to download, however you can use a temp email if you want.

Website : http://pptminimizer.com
Download : Page
Size : 3.7 MB

3 Responses to “PPTminimizer – Shrink those PPT and DOC files (free key)”

  1. I downloaded the software, using the link you provided. It’s a great tool, thank you for your review.

    You mentioned … “there is also a server version as well (which I shall talk about later).”

    Will you review it?

    I went to their website and found this product page: http://www.pptminimizer.com/eng/index.php?pid=server

    And they have an article that tells me how to reduce storage cost using that tool…reckon that works?!


  2. @Jay
    Right you are, I completely forgot to talk about it! Post was just getting too long, and I was tired!
    I was on the same page as you. I think if your a big corporation with lots of users, then yeh, but if your only a small business, then probably not. It has to have lots of high res images in to work. This would be idea for schools, colleges and unis mind you. People always take images off the web, shrink them, crop them.

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