HAPPY CHRISTMAS – Free Computer Support From Me!

It’s Christmas! Soon new year too!

Happy Christmas to all the readers of AppAholic!

I’m sure today, lots of people will be getting new computers and laptops and notebooks. I have some hard disks under the tree I believe. Anyway, I’d like to give a special gift to all of you, my readers, this Christmas! Free Tech Support!

I will be offering free tech support via a service called crossloop. You will be able to chat, and even show me your screen and allow my to remote control your screen if you allow.

Link is here http://www.crossloop.com/Relequestual

I can’t say I will be on 24 7, however I will be on for quite a bit over the next few week, as I have finished my Christmas temp work. The temp work has also been the reason I haven’t made any posts lately. I have quite a few posts queued up now, so in the new year, you can expect some real awesome freeware!

So, what did everyone get for Christmas?

2 Responses to “HAPPY CHRISTMAS – Free Computer Support From Me!”

  1. Thank you for the free support! I didn’t get any technology for Christmas, but I *did* have someone who I helped buy a new laptop give me their $75 rebate gift card they got with the computer. So it looks like I’ll get some fresh ink for my printer (which has been warning me for over a year that it is disasterously low on ink, and has been printing fine the whole time :-)

  2. That’s reallygenerous of you, are you doing the same next christmas?

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