Fences – Round Up Your Desktop Icons Like A Pro

2009-02-21_120401 Fences Version Tested : 0.96 Beta
Compatibility : Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Description : Sorting desktop icons used to be a pain before Fences came to light. It’s not a replacement, however more like an add-on to your desktop. It allows you to group desktop icons into “fences”, which can be moved, scrolled, and hidden with a double click on your desktop. Possible desktop icon revolution in the making!

I’ve always been a bit sceptical of anything that claims to help with desktop icons organisations. Fences however is different to what I expected. I had the idea for something practically the same as Fences, but lacked the ability to create such an application.

It’s a real simple concept, but I really see this being something that could take off. This is the second product from StarDock which I really really like, first of which being Object Dock, which I use on a daily basis. Now Fences comes along, and makes it into my favourite applications list.

Fences allows you to group your desktop icons into what is termed a fence. You can then move these fences around as you please. You can also resize the fences, and any icons which do not fit in the fence, will make the fence scrollable.

You can choose from a number of set layouts for fences, or you can create your own as and when you please, resizing and moving where and when you like. The default colour for the fences is a sort of black grey colour. This can be changed to any colour you want, plus you can change the transparency of the fences from opaque to almost not there!

Final point to make, there is an option to hide / show desktop icons (in fences or otherwise), when double clicking on the desktop. Personally this is no use to me, as I already have another action assigned to double clicking on the desktop, however it may be a nice bonus for you!

Oh, and also, it takes snapshots of your desktop icons, and will restore them when those nasty resolution changes muck up your desktop icons layout!

Of course, to those of you who choose to keep a desktop clean, this application is of no use at all to you. Are you a clutterer or a cleaner when it comes to your desktop icons? Fences sound useful to you?

Conclusion : Clever idea, nicely worked. Still as a tech preview. Will look forward to the full release and the features it brings. Possibly the first application for a long time which should of been included in a windows default installation.

Website : www.stardock.com/products/fences
Download : PageDirect
(Please note, as of post date, this is Community Preview that expires on 31st Aug 09)
Size : 6.34 MB

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  3. I told you that fences were available.. and you said that it didnt appeal to you :p and here we are with a review on your website ahaha

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