Interview – Jeff from Code Sector (creator of TeraCopy)

Jeff Freeman from Code Sector agreed to answer a few questions for Appaholic.

Code Sector is home to many awesome bits of software from TeraCopy to Direct Folders, both of which are my personal favourites! Jeff works for Code Sector full time developing software in Russia, and has been working in software development for over 10 years now. He has also recently started developing for Android too, so look out for Code Sector on the android market! There are freeware and paid versions of most of the Code Sector’s applications, so if you like the software, I would really encourage you to be buying!

1. What inspires you to create the applications you have so far?

All the applications I create on Code Sector come from my own ideas for software, and not finding any existing alternative solutions. I use most of my solutions all the time. They are applications I like personally, that others also like and use.

2. Are you a one man team, or do you have others that work for or with you?

I started off writing applications on my own, but recently this year, I have had help from my brother with SoundMaven, which was his idea. He coded up in PHP from scratch, and has done a good job.

3. What applications do you have in your system tray on boot?

Yahoo Widgets (weather, clock), Rocket Dock, Maranda IM, X-Mouse Button Control, Evernote.

4. Out of all your applications, which ones sell best?

TerraCopy is the best seller, and Direct Folders comes second.

I don’t find this at all surprising, as they are also my favourites!

5. What do you find yourself doing on a daily basis?

I’m very busy with coding new updates for software right now. I’m also doing home repairs, and hopefully soon go more often cycling as the weather is improving.

That was Jeff from, creator of a number of really useful applications which are sure worth looking at. If you like his applications, I strongly advise you to buy them and support further development!

This concludes my second interview on AppAholic. Hopefully we will see many more in the future.

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