IE8 and this AppAholic do not get along

It has been brought to my attention that IE8 breaks AppAholic! Not that many of you are still using IE, but still, this is not good! If you are using IE8, I suggest you move to firefox or chrome, where it works fine!

The plan is to get the site re designed during September, and have it ready to launch early December!

Also, in other news, I have recently moved to using the windows 7 RC, and so have a load of new software to review! One will be up Monday morning! so keep your eyes pealed!

2 Responses to “IE8 and this AppAholic do not get along”

  1. I’m forced to use IE at work, but even so: asking a user to use a different browser because of your code issues is a bit presumptuous. Maybe we’ll all just switch to reading a different site. :-)

  2. Unfortunately I have to use IE for certain unenlightened sites from major multi-national corporations. And yes since they are unenlightened they also do not work well in IE 8. (Go figure these companies should be more aware of browser technology and do a better job then just IE6 specfic.)

    To the point. I have finally become intimately (only in IE 8 sense) with the “Compatibility view” option under the IE8 tools drop down to add an exception. Works great for sites IE8 does not understand.

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