Appaholic re-design and re-development well underway!

Hi all,
It’s been some time here since a post has been made, so I just wanted to make it known that were currently undergoing re-development of the whole site, and progress is good!
The new design will be simplified compared to now, and it will also speed up the sites load time.
With the re-launch, we also plan to have a few interviews from yet to be disclosed name, some of which might be rather big.
Also in the plan is to push TechRant with the re-launch, with a number of fresh new writers ready to share some real quality with you.

If you have any thoughts or comments on what the new design should include or exclude, drop us a comment below.

4 Responses to “Appaholic re-design and re-development well underway!”

  1. Maybe a little bit less clutted but apart from that I like it as it is =)

  2. I hate going cold turkey and I think you have a great site already. Stay true to your name and keep the apps coming. Site redesign is nice, but CONTENT IS KING. Maybe going with a proven and flexible WordPress theme + your own custom banners would make a transition easier and faster ;)

  3. Hey, I swear you have been redesigning the website for nearly a year now and this site has become incredibly quiet. Surely it shouldn’t take that long to redesign a website of this size. I also recommend you look at as this guy really knows how to do a freeware reviewing site and could possibly give you a few tips, no offence intended, just trying to be helpful :)

  4. Hi James. Sadly, the first person who offered to do it for me did two months work, and then decided to not continue as they did not have the time. This ended during the Christmas period. Since then, I have found someone who is willing to do the design for me.
    I know the site has become rather quiet, and I feel this is due mostly to two reasons. My education is taking more and more of my time, and I haven’t seen any really really awesome freeware released recently. I think as Win7 starts to rise, we will see more though :) .
    As for the freeware genius, we have spoken a number of times, and he even helped me with some early issues. Samer is a nice guy!
    Constructive comments always welcome, thanks.

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