LastPass – Secure Password Sync And Auto Login / Fill

2008-10-25_121057 LastPass Version Tested : 1.32
Compatibility : Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac, Linux. (Firefox and Internet Explorer)

Description : LastPass is secure, easy to use, and a decent replacement to google browser sync with regards to passwords. One master password, and your data is secured before its sent to the online database. Backup, restore, and even generate secure passwords. Import from Firefox, Roboform, 1Password, KeePass, MyPasswordSafe and more.

Lastpass has been around for a while, and I’m really happy with how it works. Since the fall of google browser sync, anyone who was used to password syncing, has been looking for a real alternative. LastPass is that alternative (for passwords anyway).

Any new password manager that comes out, especially those that are online, always are treated with a bit of caution. After about a month of seeing a note here and a comment here, I decided to give it a ago. My initial impressions were very very good, however I’ve waited a bit before a review to see how it matured.

Needless to say, if you’ve been following it, you will know it’s done well. It’s features are just plain impressive, and has even more functions than you would expect. Were talking synchronization, import from other popular password managers and form fillers, (full list later), backup and restore, universal access, screen keyboard, and even access from a USB pen.


CleanMem – A Memory Cleaner That Actually Works!

2008-10-11_114035 CleanMem Version Tested : 1.3.0
Compatibility : Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (32x and 64x)

Description : Memory Cleaner that doesn’t force memory to cache on the hard disk, but rather uses a windows API function to request memory back from processes that are claiming more than they actually need. I’ve never heard of such an API, but by gosh does this work! If you value your RAM, believe me when I tell you, you want this right now.

Ok, before you start having a go at this software, you need to try it! Stop throwing fits, going, “oh its a memory cleaner, it will just shove all the memory onto the hard disk and lag my system big time,” STOP. Stop right there. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE!

I’m always sceptical about memory cleaners, but when I saw this post on, I had to stop and have a read. Just for those that haven’t yet discovered, its full of really awesome how to’s, software, and giveaways. Well worth subscribing to if you use RSS feeds at all. Anyway, this software doesn’t even use any resources while waiting. On install, it sets up a schedule in windows to run every half hour, and closes  itself when finished.


Direct Folders – Get To The Folder You Want, Faster (From The Creator of TeraCopy)

2008-09-23_121951 Direct Folders Version Tested : 3.32
Compatibility : Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista

Description : Revolutionary software that allows you get directly to the folder you want with a few clicks. No more having to navigate to commonly used directories. Non obtrusive GUI which only appears when white space or the desktop is double clicked.

Gradually, the number of programs that claims to allow you faster access to folders, both generally, and in open / save dialogs. Well I’ve tried quite a few of them, and I seem to forget about them, or find them in a place where its not easy to remember. Direct Folders is different.

I’m rather impressed with this bit of freeware. It utilizes an action that doesn’t already get used by windows. We all know double clicking on files or shortcuts opens the item, however, what about double clicking on white space or the desktop? Now that’s such a decent way to open a custom locations menu!


It’s Been A While, But Something Is Cooking…

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a review. I’m currently packing to go to University. It’s a lot of work! Also last Friday I went Snowboarding and Skydiving, which was a lot of fun! I may or may not have time for a review this week, everything’s a bit tight. I’m moving on the 19th, so at the latest, you should have a review on the Monday or Tuesday.

In other news, did you know AppAholic is expanding?


GCALDaemon – Sync Google Calendar, Outlook, Rainlendar, iCal and Thunderbird

2008-09-05_124923 GCAL-Daemon Version Tested : 1.0 beta 16
Compatibility : Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS X, Linux

Description : Java app that can automatically sync Google Calendar and iCal compatible calendar applications in both direction. Supports multiple files and Google Accounts. Enables you to effectively view and edit your Google Calendar offline. Also has some interesting other tools like converting RSS/ATOM feeds to iCalendar format, and remote control of your computer via Gmail.

When I first realised I needed a calendar to organize things going on in life, I was introduced to a nice little shareware app called Rainlendar. Worked like a charm. The paid version only added the ability to sync between Google Calendar and Outlook. So, I set out on a quest to find a free method of syncing between whatever the heck I wanted, just to keep it freeware. After a few hours, I found GCALDaemon. This was around early 2007, and since then, the project has grown and grown, and even featured on Lifehacker!

If your a frequent reader of AppAholic, you’ll know I love Set And Forget applications. This is really one of those. I’ve done a bit of java programming in my studies, but this was the first app id found written in java that I actually found useful!

I don’t use half of what this tool is capable of, but I DO use it to do exactly what the title says. Seamless sync between Google Calendar and Rainlendar. Quite frankly, I love it! My girlfriend recently got a Mac Book! (Yes I know, how lucky!) She uses iCal, which in turn is synced to her Google Calendar, which is then downloaded to my local calendar. We each have our own, and we can add and edit items, either on the desktop, or from a browser! Genius.


5 Days Downtime Resolved – We’re Back!

Ok, so AppAholic has had 5 days downtime this week. Something to do with a plugin update that went foul. I think it was the MyBlogLog plugin, which I have now replaced with an alternative.

The reason it took sooooo long to sort, was because at first it was on and off, however this may have been because of the server cache system. This led me to believe that it was my hosts fault. So I submitted a support ticket, to which they replied they would look into, and then stated that the issue had been resolved. However, all pages showed blank on appaholic still.

Anyway, its back up now. I will be taking regular backups of both the files and wordpress database. Keep tuned for some more sizzlingly hot apps, and the launch of AppAholic TechRant!

Styler – Style The Windows Explorer Toolbar Your Way

2008-08-13_100748 Styler Version Tested : 1.401
Compatibility : Windows XP

Description : Change the style of the windows explorer by adding a new customisable toolbar. Many many designs on deviant art, all free to download. Even includes OS mimics like vista and mac leopard and tiger style toolbar. Also includes other graphical enhancements like drop shadow and icon placement and icon size.

So, you already skinned your OS to look a bit different using Uxtheme Patches. Surly its about time to do something about that blasted windows explorer? I think so!

I found this on a bit of an off chance a while ago, and have only got round to testing it today. I’m glad to say, I’m really impressed, and it IS going to be staying on my system. The very simply named Styler, works rather simply as well. Download, install, find a few different styles you like, try them, and your away. It took a me a little while to work out where to find the styles to download, but deviant art came up trumps again, as it often does with graphical things.

I was a tad skeptical about the ease of this app. The screen shot showed a simple windows with different styles which could be applied to windows explorer. The download comes with the vista style, but naturally there are many more to download.


Task Coach – Eat Periods Of High Work For Breakfast

2008-08-07_132548 TaskCoach Version Tested : 0.70.1 (alpha)
Compatibility : Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS X Tiger 10.4, Various versions of Linux

Description : Task Coach allows you to cope with periods of high work load or to do lists. Portable, flexible, easy to use task manager and to do list, with categories, the ability to track effort and add attachments.

I admit, this app is still in alpha, but I can’t see why, as its pretty darn good! When I’ve got a lot of work on my plate, like coursework in multiple subjects, it’ can be a bit overwhelming. Writing stuff down, for a computer geek, is just pointless, when you have a handy app to deal with it all, and more. It’s also portable, just so you know, which is one of the reasons I love it so much.

The version just before this release had some graphical errors which put me off using it. However, since taking on a new project (top secret, you’ll see soon), I re opened Task Coach, and remembered how useful it was. My personal favourite features are the task tree, where you can have layers of tasks and dependant tasks, very useful for different areas. I also like tracking effort, which is nice, as you know how much time you have taken on each task.


Im Going On A Summer Holiday (Prezzy Inside)


2008-07-27_102318 MyHPF I’m going on holiday for the next 10 days. Christian summer camp. woooo! Should be really awesome!

Anyway, thought I’d give everyone a little gift before I went away. You know how you search things alot on the web? Use google lots? Well every time you make a search, they make some money. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your hands on a bit of this money?

Well now you can. Its not a get rich quick scheme, but My Homepage Friends (that’s the link by the way), enables you to earn a bit of money, where you would earn nothing. It all depends how much you search. You cannot of course make fake searches or use robots to automate searching. My Homepage Friends uses yahoo search, so your results will not be impaired at all. You sign up, and then you can make it your homepage, or you can add it to your search box. No tie ins, no worries. Simple fair money.

I love it, and so should you. Money for switching to yahoo as your search engine. Its worth a shot! That’s what I thought, and now I’m telling you.



Eject USB – One click fool proof safe USB ejection

2008-07-22_114229 EjectUSB Version Tested : 1.3
Compatibility : Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista

Description : A USB ejection tool which trumps the windows USB ejection by a billion miles. This version first  closes all open programs running from the USB, clears the cache, closes explorer windows and removes registry entries and recent document shortcut references. (video further down)

I use Portable Apps, that’s no secret, and I love them. Since my review of Portable Apps (which is a load of software which runs off your USB from a menu), there has been an update of the menu, which includes an eject function. This doesn’t work very well, as it only brings up the windows menu for ejecting USB’s, which, quite frankly, is useless, especially when you have multiple USB drives plugged in or external USB hard disks.

The windows USB eject function, is really really pointless and annoying! If you have anything left open, like invisible windows, or left over open files, then it will simply say, "eeerrrr, cannot do, but I won’t tell you why." Thanks Windows! If you eject your USB device often, you already know this, very well!

Eject USB, is a single exe (plus an ini settings file and the obligatory readme), which closes all open programs and other things, which allows the USB to be ejected safely. Just one click, and it does it all in one go! Even alerts you when you can eject the USB. Hurray! Finally a USB ejector that works the way it should. If Eject USB It can also take advantage of other useful tools, which I will discuss later.