Rainlendar – Become Organized

2008-01-25_223036 Rainlendar Version Tested : 2.3
Compatibility : 2000, XP, Vista, Linux

Description : Easy to use organisation calendar application with highly customisable features and many skins. Intuitive design. Can set reminders, alarms, events to do lists, and even re-occurring events. Can also sync to Outlook and Google Calendar.

Up until recently, I have been using Yahoo widgets as my calendar. A friend of mine had recommended Rainlendar quite a while ago, but at first I was sceptical. After all, I was quite happy with my Yahoo widget. The problem, however, was that I was using many Yahoo Widgets to cater for one problem. I decided it was about time that I try this Rainlendar app!

To my pleasant surprise it was rather handy, and I can’t think how I organised my life before it. I had been using a separate calendar and event countdown manager to track events. An all-in-one solution was a much better option, and actually took less computer power to run.


Desktop Tools – Hiding Desktop Icons… Just Like That

2007-12-23_115608 Desktop Tools Version Tested : 0.1 beta
Compatibility : Win All (probably)

Description : The best one click hide desktop icons solution around. It sits in the tray , and with one click, all your desktop icons are gone. Another click, and they are restored. No waiting, no flashing desktops, no messing around. Instant hide and show.

For quite a while now, I’ve been looking around for some tool that can hide and show desktop icons without flashing, or messing anything else around, or taking about 10 seconds to actually do the the job, or without hiding my desktop widgets at the same time! As you can probably tell by that long sentence, I’m rather demanding (or not).

This very simple app does exactly what I ask, with no messing around. Hides and shows the desktop icons without a hitch. One single click on the icon in the tray icon and your icons are hidden before you even hear the sound of your mouse’s click button come up… or, immediately is a good description too.

I found it when looking around the Donation Coder forum asking for such an app, when one member kindly said they had their own tool for it. I promptly asked for the link and downloaded.

Despite being called Desktop Tools, it has only the one function, and I have never seen a simpler app that caters for the one solution. This is what AppAholic is really all about! Big thumbs up to the designer Rich!


New Website Features – Become a True AppAholic

It’s now 2008, and AppAholic is coming into the new year with force.

New features include…

The new site. No longer hosted on Wordpress, but on its own web space with Wordppress installed.

Share This button added to the bottom of each post. Share posts on many social bookmaking website’s!

You can register with AppAholic! This way your information is automatic when commenting. (See bottom right on the side bar for meta data)

A Google search box has been added the AppAholic, enabling you to search the site!

Random Posts Of The Day can be found in the sidebar. Displays random posts.

Translations are available for a number of languages in the sidebar.

Text to speech. AppAholic preview as a podcast, or just play live on the site (coming next week)

Any comments or suggestions for other additions to the website apart from content?

The Best of AppAholic from 2007

collage1 As we wander into the new year, its clear that 2007 has seen a really amazing host of new apps all around. I’ve been able to review only a fraction of freeware that’s out there, but I tried to review what I believe to be the best about right now (or then rather).

I couldn’t call it a top 10, or top 20 either, as they are all so good it really is impossible to say one is better than another. Also the fact that they all do different things, and are equally good at what they were designed for.

This “best of” list, should give you a good overview of the best apps from 2007. If you are new to AppAholic (as a fair number of people are), or even if you consider yourself to be a long term supporter, this list will give you links to reviews that you will have missed, as early as the first few posts ever. I’ve split the list into three sections; every day, security, and really useful. Without Further a do, here goes. What better way to start, than with the app that controls them all (or run them anyway).

Launchy – Makes The Start Menu Obsolete

Launchy 2007-05-29_181050 My personal revolution for my past year is Launchy! Its supreme indexing skills and auto learn ability, plus tripling up as a bookmark loader and calculator, really makes it the hottest free kid on the block. The ease of use and simplicity behind it just makes it without a doubt a big change in my computing life. If I know the name of an app, I can launch it as quick as I can type. Press alt+space and then type the name of the app to launch, then press enter, and your done. If you want to read the full review and find the download link, click on the name of the app above. This will be the same for all apps in this post. If you for some very strange reason still want your start menu after trying Launchy, then I suggest you continue to read this article for an alternate Start Menu Tidy app.


We Have Moved – Welcome To The New Domain

That’s right. All the content from the old website is now here! Update your bookmarks, but no need to change your RSS feed subscriptions! Now that is rather handy!

This wordpress.com hosted blog will no longer be updated, while the new www.appaholic.co.uk website will continue to be updated!

Enjoy checking out the new features! Soon I will post a recap over the last year of AppAholic along with an introduction to some of the new features of AppAholic version 2.

AppAholic Version 2 update scheduled for 2 weeks time

Hey everyone. A lot of work recently has been spent sorting all the first major update for this site! You can check out the current progress right now on www.appaholic.co.uk

That’s the first thing, the domain name. all set up and ready, wordpress installed, all plugins fully functional. Just waiting for the exchange over, which will mean downtime of a few days starting Christmas week.

This also means that there probably won’t be any updates on here until after the change over is complete for the new year. The best way to stay tuned and make sure the moving process is as easy as possible for you is to SUBSCRIBE TO THE RSS FEED. The feed URL will not be changing which makes everyone’s life a little bit easier.

Continue reading for information on the new features the site will include


File Destructor – Blame your laziness on the system

2007-12-03_100956 File Distructor Version Tested : 2.0
Compatibility : Browser – Windows, Mac & Linux compatible

Description : Create fake damaged files of any size for free. Just in case you need to get that little bit of extra time to hand in some work or for work or anything at all. Quite a few file extensions to choose from, and a damaged file guaranteed. Blame it on the system rather than your time management.

Not having any use for such a tool, I can be quite sure many others will. Generally I keep mostly up to date with work and coursework, however, many do not. Many systems have upload space for teachers or professors to collect work. What better way to buy that bit of extra time than to upload a fake damaged file, that completely looks genuine, but is completely useless?

It currently boasts 23 file extensions, and always boats any size file you need! File types including .doc, .zip, .ppt, .xls, .psd, and even .mp3. Although this really won’t help you if you use it regularly, if you usually get everything done on time and feel you must squeeze a little more time, then this is the only safe way to do it.


miniMize – Ditch the task bar, minimize windows to your desktop

2007-11-16_171429 miniMIZE Version Tested : (Public Beta 3)
Compatibility : Windows XP, Vista

Description : The ideal minimize replacement for you desktop widget freaks among us. Minimizes windows to a desktop thumbnail rather than to the taskbar. Handy, neat, stylish, and not too resource heavy.

If your into looking through loads of blogs all the time, you may have noticed recently a similar app called ThumbWin which effectively does the same thing as this app. There are a few differences, which I shall explain at the end of this post. Personally, this one wins for me. For starters, its not a translation, its all in English as standard.

miniMize has quite a bit of flexibility, more so than its rival. You can select from which corner of the screen you wish for your thumbnails to appear with the auto place feature. Naturally, you can still move them around by dragging. It will remember where it was placed for next time just for convenience. The auto place simply makes sure that when you minimize a window, the thumbnail is where you want it.

If your looking for hot key options, then your not left out either. Hot keys can be chosen for cycling thumbnail levels, minimizing all windows and show / hide thumbnails. If you want to keep to keyboard sometimes, you need not fear.

What if you don’t want this window or that window to be minimized to a thumbnail?


Oh AppAholic… Where have you been?

It may or may not have come to you attention that recently there has been a lack of posts on AppAholic. Not to worry though, AppAholic is still very much alive. Thank you very much for sticking with us during this period of transition! You will be rewarded with the even better service of AppAholic 2.0

Most of my time has been taken up with work on AppAholic 2.0 (and a hefty bit of college work to do with databases). Also because of work work on weekends, I have limited time, and often end up very busy.

In the mean time, I will still be writing the usual posts. However, to help pass this period of lesser activity, I advise you look at some of the older posts! They are all really good Apps if I’m entirely honest. Well worth checking out!

Here is a few to get you started…

CCleaner (CrapCleaner) – Clean CRAP off your Computer that you don’t need.
Tidy Start Menu – Sort out your Start Menu into a much more manageable size.
Launchy – Run any App or open any website or file simply by typing it’s name.
StartUp Delayer – Make you PC boot faster by delaying non essential Apps.
Smart Shutdown LX – One click fast shut down, because we all know windows doesn’t work!

Of course, they are all completely FREE!
(Special note to subscribers, please continue reading this article!)


Metapad – Notepad mimic without all the extras

2007-10-29_134500 Metapad Version Tested : 3.51
Compatibility : 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista

Description : Designed as THE replacement to windows notepad with more functionally that notepad, but not as much as Notepad++, as to keep it fast and ever so simple. A true replacement rather than addition.

Metapad is different to the likes of Notepad++ because it was designed with the idea of fully replacing notepad rather than as an addition. Granted, there has been no development on it since 2002, but it is by no means a dead project, it’s just because there is no need to update it. The website is still looked after, as there was an addition of “How to replace notepad with Metapad in VISTA” in the FAQ

The features of Metapad improve on windows notepad in quite a number of ways. The addition of the tool bar is really useful. Along with the standards, it has buttons for a user defined external viewer, find, replace (yes, separately for ease), word wrap, user defined primary and secondary front, always ontop toggle and settings.

A further feature is it’s inbuilt ability to recognize web links, and to be able to click on them from within Metapad itself.