You can still get a free legal StyleXP key!

Yes that’s right, you can still get yourself a free legal StyleXP key. All you need to do is download it and get your Hardware ID and follow the instructions on my previous post.


Then, all you have to do is send an email with the right information to


Couldn’t get much easier than that! FREE STYLE XP KEY FOR YOU, AND IT’S LEGAL!
(can’t remember what SyleXP is? Well continue reading)


Recuva – File recovery that you can rely on by Piriform

Recuva 2007-08-26_175209 Version Tested : 1.04.104
Compatibility : Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Description : Free file recovery by the same people who brought you CCleaner. Efficient, reliable and fast. Recovers files that were deleted out of the recycle bin. Can even find system files, and files deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses.

When Piriform make a second application, there really is no question that it will be a product of class. I downloaded this when it was still in beta, and have been using it to recover files ever since.

One of the features I really do like about this app, is the way you can look at files in the tree format, so if you are looking for a specific file, its easy to locate. Even if you cant remember where it was, you can do a search for it. You can of course switch between tree view and list view if you so desire.

One of the really big bonus’s of Recuva is that it is also portable.


UltraShredder – Shred your files like you would your paper

Ultrashredder 2007-08-24_102135 Version Tested : 4.5.3
Compatibility : XP, 2000, 98

Description : Securely deletes files by writing over them, bypassing the recycle bin. Shreds files rather than just deleting them. Portable, free, simple file shredder

When you put your files in the recycle bin, you know you can get them back again. However did you know you can still get them back AFTER you have deleted them out of the recycle bin? In some cases up to 10 years after! ( I’ll be showing you how in my next post).

Lets look at this with real world comparisons. Putting a file in the recycle bin is like putting paper in your bin. Emptying the recycle bin is like putting all the stuff in your bin in the bin outside, waiting for collection. With computers, collection only happens when the space needs to be used again. Until then, the file can be recovered, just like you could retrieve paper that you had put out to be collected.

Ultra Shredder is like putting your paper in an expensive shredder that uses lazars to cut up the paper into dust. So sounds good?


WinDirStat – Find Out where all your disk space has gone

WinDirStat 2007-08-22_115113 Version Tested :
Compatibility : Win 2000, XP, WS 2003, Mac OS X 10.3 and later, Linux all

Description : Scans selected drives and creates a graphical representation of all the files, with colour coded file types and the ability to zoom in and out between folders. Gives an over view of files, their type, size and location on your computer.

I found this amazing app quite a while ago, and I simply can’t believe I haven’t already shared it with you. For that I am sorry. This is one of the most beautiful and easy to use apps I have ever used. It also does exactly what you want it to.

If you like to understand where all that space on your new 500GB hard disk went so fast, then this WILL explain it to you. Not just explain, more like shout very loudly at you, and put on a firework show with style that you can’t really ignore. It makes sure you understand exactly where that precious space has gone, and what file type is taking up the most space. It only took 13mins to scan my whole computer, and that’s well over 300GB.

As you can see from the screen shoot (even without enlarging it), that the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is very clear and nicely laid out. At the top left, we have the file system, like your already used to in windows, and to the left of that, the file type colour code system (auto generated based on type that takes up the most space). Then, below those, we have the TREE MAP, simply amazing, and completely sells this app to me as a keeper.

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Ext2/3 Installable File System for Windows – Read and write Linux drives in Win

Ext2IFS4win 2007-08-17_194835 Version Tested : 1.10 c
Compatibility : NT4.0/2000/XP/2003

Description : Installs driver so that Ext2 and Ext3 volumes (Linux standard) drives can be read and written to from anywhere that can access your normal FAT32 or NTFS drives.

So, I thought there must be some app that allows me to access Linux drives from windows, and here it is. When you install it, its like mapping a drive over a network. Simple and easy. The guy who made this was a real tech wiz, and has thrown loads of “limitations” on his front page, like it can’t read Ext2 floppy drives or such.

To be fair, I suppose that it doesn’t do EVERYTHING, but it does do quite enough for me, as I’m rather new to Linux. It installs into the windows kernel, meaning its fully integrated into the windows system, which is why it can be accessed by any app! It even adds its own Control Panel icon!


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Linux is useless without internet. My story so far

So, Linux downloaded, burnt to disc, and installed like a dream - almost.

It worked ok, but I had partitioned the drive so that Linux only had 2.5GB. Little did I realise it needed a fair bit more than that to run anything. So I uninstalled and increased the partition size, and installed it again. No problems there.

The problem arose when I tried to connect to the Internet. It found the network alright, even the name of the router, and it even connected to it, or at least it said it had. The thing was, it said 0% (which I assume means signal), which I can’t understand, as I have good reception in Windows.


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TeraCopy – Moving Files Made Easy and Faster

TeraCopy 2007-08-08_090301 Version Tested : 1.2
Compatibility : XP / Vista

Description : Replacement for Windows copy file function with enhanced functions, faster file transfer, pause and resume, and error recovery.

I’ve been using TeraCopy for a long time now, and despite managing to muck up the window with my virtual desktop app (which a reinstall cured), I can say without question that this has greatly improved copying files, especially those of a large size.

In the image above, I was moving a backup of 20gb of music in a zip. Normally this would have taken around 8 hours or so, but note how the remaining time is only 20 minutes! One of the biggest, most noticeable bonus’ is that it really is so much faster than the Windows standard copy function. So much so that I replaced the Windows one with TeraCopy! It’s just a simple check box in the program to enable Windows integration, possibly the best check box I’ve ever checked.

Another feature that became really noticeable to me was the fact that it