Whats happening? Some blog changes and news

Well I’ve been on holiday and sorting out University stuff, so I haven’t had masses of time to do the blog recently. You can be sure I’ve been keeping up to date with the computing world though.

Firstly, I’ve decided to make a few changes to the blog. The website and download link will be at the bottom of the posts, and comparability will be included under version tested.

This is because I have recently download Linux, and will try installing it this afternoon. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. Chances are, I will be doing a few Linux reviews here and there, so watch out for them.

Just a reminder, I have never, and probably will never do a review of MAC software. Reviews may appear to be of MAC applications, but are actually WINDOWS with an OS skin in place, making it look like a MAC

I need you opinion on a few things, so please continue reading this post and comment…


Read the Flyff review? Freeware Genius is a blog

Hello if you have come from FreewareGenius! If you like that tech blog, chances are you will like this one too. Why not subscribe? The link’s to the right. Cheers. Do comment.

The other day, I made a guest post on the tech blog FreewareGenius reviewing Flyff, a MMORPG that I have been playing on and off over the last year or so.

Take a look here http://www.freewaregenius.com/2007/08/07/flyff/

Special thanks to Samer at www.freewaregenius.com for letting me guest review, and for creating an outstanding tech blog! Do go to the site and comment on the post to show your appreciation for Samer!

KatMouse – Scrolling made purrrrfect

KatMouse 2007-07-17_152517 Version Tested : 1.04

Website : www.code-scout.net/katmouse
Download : PageDirect

Description : Scrolling on almost every window without having to have the window active. One little app that really makes multiple windows that little bit more effortless.

Imagine: you’re talking on MSN or writing that really important email/letter, and you need to keep flicking back to that website, but you also need to move down the page. Say it’s a really long page, or you have a number of pages, or you want to look at several windows and compare them. Imagine how annoying it is to have to keep clicking on the window every time you want to scroll down. You notice the person next to you can scroll without clicking at all, and continue typing without having to re-select the window. You ask them how, and they reply “KatMouse”.


Free Legal StyleXP key (Yes, seriously!)

Yes, that’s right, as promised you can attain a free Style XP key!
As I said in a previous post, it’s rather easy, and here is how you do it…

Create some type of extra style, like a boot screen or login, submit it to a website, and then post the link in the comments below, along with your email (which will be kept private) and your hardware ID. Then I will send you your FREE Style XP key!

This is not illegal, as I have a special deal with the creators of Style XP. I will actually be emailing them the hardware ID’s and they will reply with the key.

You get your hardware ID by installing the Style XP application.
How do you create something to submit, and where do you submit it to though…?


Smart Shutdown LX

SmartShutdownLX2007-06-25_184824 Version tested : Alpha 1

Website : slawdog.com
Download : Page

Description : Neat and simple scheduling tool, with right click from system tray menu to perform system operations. Ability to schedule almost any time, and a vast array of system actions to perform. Multiple profiles and a few system tweaks.

Granted, this is only Alpha 1 version, but heck, I love it, and haven’t found anything wrong so far. (If you want a more stable version, look on the website for version 2005)

I found this app randomly, and it looked like a good right click shut down tool to me, so I thought I’d give the new LX Alpha version a try. So far, I can’t say I’ve wanted to use any of its other features. I’d got really frustrated with my machines shutdown time and had tried a few other apps, but they all failed to completely shut down and would end up shutting most down, but eventually when it ended itself I had to go through the start menu again! This little app does exactly what I need – to shut down my computer QUICKLY!

It can: shut down, log off, reboot, lock, turn off, stand by, hibernate, disconnect


Forum off

I’ve made the decision that the forum won’t be linked from the AppAholic site for now. I think it’s probably best to wait until I have a number of subscribers who would use the forum, seeing as it’s a bit pointless unless people use it, which currently they don’t. Also I can’t say I honestly have time for it, seeing as I need to spend more time on the site doing reviews as it is!

Please remember to comment on articles you read. After all, the site is for you and me, so if you have any ideas or comments, it could help other users, and also help improve the reviews for the future!


EULAnalyzer 2007-06-12_123038 Version tested : 1.2

Website : www.javacoolsoftware.com
Download : Page

Description : Analyse any EULA (End User Licence Agreement) from any installation before you sign up to something you weren’t aware of. Scans for specific words and then displays results with grouping and ratings.

Lets face it, no one ever reads the EULA (End User Licence Agreement : jargon about what you agree to when installing anything) unless it’s 3 or less lines long. Well now you don’t have to.

EULAnalyzer reads the EULA for you, searching for key terms and words, and then presenting them to you in categories, giving each phrase and its surrounding words a risk rating. It’s so easy to use, but a little difficult for anyone without jargon knowledge to understand.

After using this app for a weeks worth of installations, I believe that actually, to a non competent user, it could do more harm than good. I’ll use an example. I went to download.com to find a random new app to put EULAlyzer to the test.


Forum and toolbar!?

Ok, so it would seem the forum is down. I can’t even load the website where it’s hosted, so that’s a bad sign. Lets hope it’s back soon!

Also, I’ve noticed some people have downloaded the toolbar over the last few days.
If you’re reading this, and you downloaded the toolbar, please let me know what you think of it. I wasn’t sure it would catch on, but maybe it will.

I haven’t had much time to review recently due to exams, holidays, and now sorting out my Uni applicant. FUN!

Any words of advice from the Computing community?

Spyware Terminator

SpywareTerminator2007-06-12_101246 Version tested :

Website : www.spywareterminator.com
Download : Page

Description : Anti Spyware with optional integrated Clam AV, with automatic updates, scheduling and real time protection. System, registry, and file scans. Also has the ability to manage system restore points, unlock and delete files, and analyse any file. And it’s COMPLETELY FREE!

This is the best anti-Spyware app I have come across in quite a while. The biggest advantage to Spyware Terminator is its automatic updates, which apps like Spybot S&D, Spyware Blaster and Ad-Aware lack on the free versions. Two out of those three also lack real time protection but, equally, they offer different tools, each with their own special ability.

Any real AppAholic will also fall for a sweet looking app, and this is one of them. Out of all the security apps I have ever tried, this has the most intuitive design and layout, giving it a sense of class. Don’t be fooled though, it packs some power behind its softer looking exterior.

4 Different Levels of Scanning : Fast spyware, Full spyware, full virus and spyware and custom scan. Some security apps lack this amount of flexibility. There are also sub-options, like system, registry and file scan inside each of the levels.

Real Time Protection : Application, System, Internet and ClamAV guards, each with several clear check box settings and help information on each. Also advanced settings, like automatically block threats without user confirmation and HIPS…


AVG Anti Virus (Free)

AVGAntiVirusFree2007-06-10_101554 Version tested : 7.5.472

Website : free.grisoft.com
Download : Page

Description : One of the most popular Anti Virus software around. Fast, reliable, and with daily updates. Includes real time protection, schedule and custom scans, automatic email scanning and automatic updates. Set and forget free virus protection for users of all ability.

AVG Free is known to lots of people as the virus protection staple. Over the years, its reliability has been questioned, but it’s remained the top of the league for free virus protection, and the most popular. Anyone who’s after a free solution generally goes for this one. It has a very small resource footprint compared to other virus protection.

It’s used by all members of my family, and virtually everyone I personally know that understands what a computer virus is.