गुलाबी कलर, Information About Gulabi Colour (Pink Colour) 2023

गुलाबी कलर (Gulabi Colour)
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Information About Pink Color (Gulabi Colour) – You have been given Pink Color (गुलाबी कलर) Information in this post. How important is the pink color (gulabi colour) in our lives? Whose symbol is pink color? What is Pink Color Psychology? Information related to all these has been made available to you here in this post.

In the language of science, an object is considered to be colored. When it reflects wavelength light falling on an object. That is, send it back. Like – pink reflects the pink color of the spectrum of light. And it absorbs other colors. Then pink light reaches our eyes. Then we see that object pink. But when light falls on a black-colored object. Then it absorbs the colors of all the lights. And none reflect the color of light. Because of this, that object appears black to us. So would it be wrong to call a black object a black object? It is not wrong. Because in this colloquial language, black is also considered a color.

Pink Colour Psychology

Every color has a special meaning in the language of colors. With the help of Color Psychology, if a person likes a particular color. So his attitude and personality can be understood.

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Colors have a profound effect on our mood. We feel good after seeing certain colors. So seeing some colors we start getting irritated. That’s why artists, artists, painters, and interior decorators choose colors very carefully. Colors have a deep impact on our emotions. Different colors affect our moods, emotions, and feelings. Each color has its symbol. Which affects our minds.

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When you are in a room painted pink. Then your body’s mood towards this color responds to that color differently. And when you are in a room painted with another color like blue, then your body’s mood reacts to that color differently. You will try this experience once. Then you will realize how much effect colors have in our life. Which colors affect our mood in what way? There is also a scientific reason for this. Many types of diseases are also treated with the help of color therapy.

Importance of Pink or Gulabi Colour

All the colors have their importance in our life. The pink color (gulabi colour) is considered a symbol of good luck and love. This color communicates the soft feelings of the mind in a person. and transmits energy. The pink color is considered to be the color of the Goddess Lakshmi in India. In India, when someone gets married, newlyweds come. So pink color is applied to his feet and it is rotated in the whole house. Then the footprint of pink color is considered auspicious. It is considered to be the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi. May there always be happiness in the house like a rose.

All colors have a deep relation with our life. It reflects our feelings. The pink color is also considered an indicator of luck. According to Vastu Shastra, if pink color is applied on the walls of the house, love increases in the family along with a positive environment. It is a cooling color. According to belief in the Hindu religion, the pink color was liked by Lord Radhe-Krishna and Ram-Sita.

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Some interesting facts about the pink color (गुलाबी कलर)

There is a pink-colored lake in Australia. Means the water of that lake. It is pink in color. The water of the lake looks like normal water at night. But as soon as the day comes, the color of the water of that lake turns pink.

Jaipur of Rajasthan is also known as Pink City. This is the main reason. Gulabi Color indicates welcoming the guests. That’s why Sawai Man Singh got the whole of Jaipur city painted pink in 1876 to welcome the Prince of Wales. Since then Jaipur came to be known as Pink City.

The pink color (gulabi colour) is considered the color of girls. When a boy wears pink colored clothes, people consider him uncomfortable. The pink color is made by mixing white color in red color. The light red color is called pink.

Shades of Pink Color (gulabi colour)

Color Name RGB CODE HEX CODE Color Image
Amaranth rgb(159, 43, 104) #9F2B68 Amaranth
Bisque rgb(242, 210, 189) #F2D2BD Bisque
Cerise rgb(222, 49, 99) #DE3163 Cerise-1
Claret rgb(129, 19, 49) #811331 Claret-1
Coral rgb(255, 127, 80) #FF7F50 Coral
Coral Pink rgb(248, 131, 121) #F88379 Coral-Pink-1
Crimson rgb(220, 20, 60) #DC143C Crimson-1
Dark Pink rgb(170, 51, 106) #AA336A Dark-Pink
Dusty Rose rgb(201, 169, 166) #C9A9A6 Dusty-Rose
Fuchsia rgb(255, 0, 255) #FF00FF Fuchsia
Hot Pink rgb(255, 105, 180) #FF69B4 Hot-Pink
Light Pink rgb(255, 182, 193) #FFB6C1 Light-Pink
Magenta rgb(255, 0, 255) #FF00FF Magenta
Millennial Pink rgb(243, 207, 198) #F3CFC6 Millennial-Pink
Mulberry rgb(119, 7, 55) #770737 Mulberry-1
Neon Pink rgb(255, 16, 240) #FF10F0 Neon-Pink
Orchid rgb(218, 112, 214) #DA70D6 Orchid
Pastel Pink rgb(248, 200, 220) #F8C8DC Pastel-Pink
Pastel Red rgb(250, 160, 160) #FAA0A0 Pastel-Red-1
Pink rgb(255, 192, 203) #FFC0CB Pink
Pink Orange rgb(248, 152, 128) #F89880 Pink-Orange
Plum rgb(103, 49, 71) #673147 Plum
Chip rgb(169, 92, 104) #A95C68 Puce-1.png
Purple rgb(128, 0, 128) #800080 Purple
Raspberry rgb(227, 11, 92) #E30B5C Raspberry
Red Purple rgb(149, 53, 83) #953553 Red-Purple-1
Rose rgb(243, 58, 106) #F33A6A Rose
Rose Gold rgb(224, 191, 184) #E0BFB8 Rose-Gold
Rose Red rgb(194, 30, 86) #C21E56 Rose-Red-1
Ruby Red rgb(224, 17, 95) #E0115F Ruby-Red-1
Salmon rgb(250, 128, 114) #FA8072 Salmon-1
Seashell rgb(255, 245, 238) #FFF5EE Seashell
Thistle rgb(216, 191, 216) #D8BFD8 Thistle
Watermelon Pink rgb(227, 115, 131) #E37383 Watermelon-Pink
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Pink Colour FAQ

What is the symbol of Pink Colour?

Pink color is a symbol of good luck and love.

What is the significance of pink color?

Pink color has great importance in the Hindu religion. It is considered to be the color of Goddess Lakshmi. Which is also a symbol of happiness and prosperity.

What does pink color represent?

This color is considered the color of girls. It also shows love.


In this post, an attempt has been made to give you all kinds of information related to the pink color. And here information about Pink Color (gulabi colour) Psychology has also been made available.

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