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Rgb vs Rgbic Lights – Which Is Better RGB or RGBW? Difference Between RGB and RGBIC

RGB vs RGBIC Strip Lights – Here's The Difference
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Rgb vs Rgbic Lights – Which Is Better RGB or RGBW?

Firstly Rgb stands for red green and blue so this is the system that utilizes the red green and blue colors to form the range of colors based on the different intensities of the colors different Shades and Hues are being formed while such lights are used mostly in the form of a led strip lights which are to be installed in the bedrooms and the living rooms in the gaming rooms or on stage etc.

Rgb vs Rgbic Lights

Rgb vs Rgbic Lights

While the RGB IC stands for RGB with individual control as in the case of RGB lights when can control the whole lights while in the case of RGB I see one can control each individual light, as in the case of Rgb we can only control the whole Led Strip Light, while in case of Rgbic, we can control each light to create Dynamic effects. So this was the difference between RGB and rgbic lights.

Rgb vs rgbic vs RGBWW

The RGB light involves the use of red green and blue colors under different intensities to create a broad spectrum of colors it involves the usage of different intensities of red green and blue color to create different shades and in the case of Rgbic it involves individual control of the red green and blue lights means if the RGB IC strip lights are taken into consideration then we can individually control the different sheets which are being created by combining the red green and blue colors.

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Rgb vs rgbic vs RGBWW

Rgb vs rgbic vs RGBWW

While RGB WW means red green blue and warm white Along with the red green and blue colors this light also has a different set of Warm White colors which have the fixed warm White color in case of the areas where both the RGB light as well as the Warm White light both are required in case of the art gallery or Architecture displays and more.

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Rgb vs rgbic Difference

There are three Major Differences of Rgb and Rgbic are given below:

  • First in the case of the Rgb Lights, one can control only the Entire Strip Light and it will display the Same color Simultaneously In the case of Rgbic, the Rgbic means Individual Control of each light from which you can create the Dynamic and Intricate Patterns by controlling the Individual Rgb Lights.
  • While in the case of RGB Lights, you can Customize the Lights and choose the Colour you want, while the customized light will only be applicable to the entire light for example the light can be Applicable to the Entire Strip Light. While in the case of the Rgbic Lights, you can create customized lighting and can apply it to each Led, creating Rainbow effects, Color Waves, and more.
  • The Rgbic Lights are used In the case of the Home Decor, Ambient Lighting while in the case of the Rgbic Lights, they can be used in architectural Lighting where Individual Light control is needed.
    Thus the Rgbic Lights are preferable because the Individual Control of the Lights takes the Lighting experience to a Different Level if one wants to Host a Party at night or keep a Housewarming party at night then the ambiance and the atmosphere can be uplifted using the Lights, so the Rgbic Lights creates more Dynamic Effects.

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Rgbic Led Strip vs Rgb

The RGB LED Strip Lights have three Channels of Red, Green, and Blue Lights and they are controlled together as a Single Unit they will display the Same Colour Simultaneously, while one can change the color but that color will be applied to the entire Strip and hence one can change the brightness or the mode as per their Wish but the Brightness or the modes selected will be applied to the entire Strip Light.

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While in the case of the Rgbic Lights, one can control the Individual Light as each is a separate Controller due to which individual colors can be seen from each of the LEDs. While one can also control each Led with different levels of Brightness and effect and color can be applied to each Individual Light.

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The RGB Light is used in the areas like residential Areas, Bars, and Restaurants where the Colour over the entire Strip is sufficient to provide a good Ambience. While in the case of Rgbic Lights, these Lights can be used in the case of Gaming Setup, Home Theatre, and Architectural Lighting where focusing on the Intricate details is a  need, so the Individual Light can be controlled and focused wherever needed.

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Can you Cut rgbic Led lights?

Yes, one can cut the Rgbic Led Lights but it depends upon the type of the Rgbic Light and from the Manufacturers you have taken from, as the Rgbic Lights have Copper Points from which you can cut the Copper Points using Scissors.

Then by cutting the Copper Points using Scissors, one can connect the Copper points using the connectors which are being provided by the manufacturer so by using the connector clips you just have to fix them between the two copper points of the two strip lights and then fix it where you want while the connectors may be of different types like the straight connectors or the flexible Wire connectors using which you can fix this strip light itself at the corners.

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Difference between RGB and Led

The RGB stands for red green and blue colors using The red green and blue colors this system forms millions of sheets of different colors by changing the intensity of the red green and blue colors while the RGB light has small red green and blue LED’s in it LED means the light emitting diode. Thus by controlling the intensity of the LED when can control the delight and create numerous millions of different shades as you like.

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So the LED is a light-emitting diode that emits daylight when an electric current is passed through it and the ladies are considered to be highly efficient as well as power saving add compared to the traditional bulbs having a filament in it while the ladies come in a number of colors like red green blue
Hence day RGB utilizes Steve ladies of red green and blue colors to create millions of shades just by changing the intensities of the led.

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What is the Difference between RGB and rgbic Led Strip Lights?

Firstly RGB means the red green and blue light using which this system makes numerous millions of shades by just changing the color intensity of these red green and blue colors and only one color is applied to the whole LED strip while in the case of RGB IC,  the red green blue colors are individually controlled means you can change each LED of that RGB IC  strip light and new effects like the rainbow effects can be created as each LED will be having different color in it so this is the difference between the RGB on the RGB IC Led Strip Lights.
As in the case of RGB LED Strip light, only one color will be applied to the whole strip the brightness can also be changed which can be applied to the whole strip but in the case of RGB IC strip light, each LED can be changed.

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What is the difference between RGB and RGBW?

The major difference between RGB and RGBW is that RGB means red green and blue while RGBW means Red, green, blue, and white The RGBW has a separate source of white light which is different from the RGB colors which are emitted it is mostly used in the areas where a dedicated white light source is required along with the RGB colors in case where the minor detailing is carried out while in case of the reading or writing or in case of an art gallery or where the architectural work is being carried out.


So this was all about the Difference between Rgb and Rgbic as these play an important role in Changing one’s mood, so the Lights chosen should be good as they impact the Man’s Brain And mood.

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