Everyday stress can cause affect on the Brain power leading to decrease in brain's functioning.

Everyday stress causes the release of Cortisol Hormone which increases the risk of Alzheimer Disease. 

Substance abuse and mental health Services have found that stress decreases the size of Hippocampus-part of the brain which plays a role in learning.

Mental Health America has found that everyday stress causes Inflammation of the brain

Scientists have found that  stress has resulted in interference with the New memories formation and difficulty in retaining old memories.

Everyday stress has also resulted in the Increase risk of diseases like Parkinson's and short term memory loss.

So one can relieve stress using meditation or playing stress relieving games.

Thus the only way to reduce stress is to handle the situation calmly.

National Institute of Mental Health has told that stress can lead to overeating, smoking or even drug abuse.

National Institute of Mental health has announced that one should give priority to mental health.