Metapad – Notepad mimic without all the extras

2007-10-29_134500 Metapad Version Tested : 3.51
Compatibility : 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista

Description : Designed as THE replacement to windows notepad with more functionally that notepad, but not as much as Notepad++, as to keep it fast and ever so simple. A true replacement rather than addition.

Metapad is different to the likes of Notepad++ because it was designed with the idea of fully replacing notepad rather than as an addition. Granted, there has been no development on it since 2002, but it is by no means a dead project, it’s just because there is no need to update it. The website is still looked after, as there was an addition of “How to replace notepad with Metapad in VISTA” in the FAQ

The features of Metapad improve on windows notepad in quite a number of ways. The addition of the tool bar is really useful. Along with the standards, it has buttons for a user defined external viewer, find, replace (yes, separately for ease), word wrap, user defined primary and secondary front, always ontop toggle and settings.

A further feature is it’s inbuilt ability to recognize web links, and to be able to click on them from within Metapad itself.

Primary and secondary viewers buttons are rather handy, giving you a real easy way to put your notes you typed out into another viewer, like Microsoft word, windows notepad (not that you need that anymore) and even the likes of Notepad++. If you have Meta pad as the notepad replacment, its highly probable that you will open html in Metapad, and can then easily move it into being viewed in Notepad++ with one click.

Simple word wrap toggle button is a nice additin, clearly showing if you have word wrap disabled or enabled, and allowing for that to be changed with yet another single click.

Primary and secondary fonts add another dimension to the likes of text files. Easily changing between the default text file font and a slightly more snazzy font gives a better feel and makes making notes more easy on the eye.

The ability to so quickly toggle the window ontop is a real bonus. No need for any additional app, as its already fully part of the app. Another feature, as shown in the screen shot, transparancy, again easy to set up. Although I would like this in the tool bar too.

With two tabs of general options, you can’t really go wrong. This includes the optional one click external viewer settings, where the exe’s must be located. They are all rather self explanatory, and easy to sort through. A further tab for the change between primary and secondary fonts, and the fourth is for shortcuts.

Just an additional note, if you do decided to use this as a replacement for notepad, but keep seeing notepad open all over the place, then check the website. It has instructions on how to implement a replacement strategy.

Conclusion : Simple, fast? not a problem says Metapad, and I’m also free and portable. A really nifty text editor with a number of additions that Micorosft are sure to have as standard in notepad a number of years down the line.

Website :
Download : PageDirect
Size : 48KB

6 Responses to “Metapad – Notepad mimic without all the extras”

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  2. TED Notepad has many more features and is still small and portable if required. It’s the one I use on XP at work. But, on my old Win98 laptop at home, I find I’m using Metapad more, because it’s smaller and takes less resources.

  3. If Metapad is a good replacement for Notepad, then TED Notepad is a good replacement for Metapad.. :) But after all, they’re both just text editors and one should choose his text editor as wisely as a tooth brush.. TED Notepad is still being developed, while Metapad project stopped more than 5 years agou though.

  4. No sign of TED Notepad development since 2007 :(

  5. Finally! TED Notepad is being developed again.. New version has been released a month ago. And a brand new version (with more than a hundred improvements perhaps) is being alpha-tested already. It might take a while to get released to public though I guess. But it’s moving again! :) )

  6. TED Notepad is a a real gem, but apparently not for those who need to change the font/size or background color. So I can’t use it. I’ve been using Metapad for YEARS, without complaint. It’s my bookmark and notes manager, which I use every time I run my PC or access the ‘Net. You can mark certain key words like this »Word (no space). That’s ALT + 0187 for the little » sign. This makes for fast searching of just *those* instances of the word in a huge text document. Computer use without Metapad would me awkward because there is no other text editor so full featured and convenient specifically for note keeping. Metapad is useful for programming and html, etc, but it would not be my first choice since it lacks syntax highlighting.

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