Oh AppAholic… Where have you been?

It may or may not have come to you attention that recently there has been a lack of posts on AppAholic. Not to worry though, AppAholic is still very much alive. Thank you very much for sticking with us during this period of transition! You will be rewarded with the even better service of AppAholic 2.0

Most of my time has been taken up with work on AppAholic 2.0 (and a hefty bit of college work to do with databases). Also because of work work on weekends, I have limited time, and often end up very busy.

In the mean time, I will still be writing the usual posts. However, to help pass this period of lesser activity, I advise you look at some of the older posts! They are all really good Apps if I’m entirely honest. Well worth checking out!

Here is a few to get you started…

CCleaner (CrapCleaner) – Clean CRAP off your Computer that you don’t need.
Tidy Start Menu – Sort out your Start Menu into a much more manageable size.
Launchy – Run any App or open any website or file simply by typing it’s name.
StartUp Delayer – Make you PC boot faster by delaying non essential Apps.
Smart Shutdown LX – One click fast shut down, because we all know windows doesn’t work!

Of course, they are all completely FREE!
(Special note to subscribers, please continue reading this article!)

AppAholic is coming back strong though. Hopefully AppAholic 2.0 should be ready soon after Christmas!! Its actually taken a heck of a lot more work than I expected. In the up coming week, I’ll be playing around with the domain name, so don’t be alarmed if AppAholic.co.uk does anything funny. Redirection will be set up ASAP

Good news though, the transition to AppAholic 2.0 should be rather painless. The RSS feed will be automatically moved over (but only if you subscribed using the given link in the sidebar). If you for some reason still have your subscription from the Wordpress website, I suggest you switch that over soon!

I’m currently working on a number of posts, so there will be some new posts in the following week, and if your lucky, one for the weekend too!

Once again, I would like to offer YOU, the readers of APPAHOLIC a GIANT word of thanks! Without you, I simply wouldn’t have the enthusiasm and will to continue writing AppAholic. Here, we look at the other tech/download blogs, but we try to go one step better, searching for a solution which surpasses that of the ones currently in the blogging buzz. That’s what makes AppAholic, a little different.

Big thanks for you support!

Enjoy AppAholic

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