New Website Features – Become a True AppAholic

It’s now 2008, and AppAholic is coming into the new year with force.

New features include…

The new site. No longer hosted on Wordpress, but on its own web space with Wordppress installed.

Share This button added to the bottom of each post. Share posts on many social bookmaking website’s!

You can register with AppAholic! This way your information is automatic when commenting. (See bottom right on the side bar for meta data)

A Google search box has been added the AppAholic, enabling you to search the site!

Random Posts Of The Day can be found in the sidebar. Displays random posts.

Translations are available for a number of languages in the sidebar.

Text to speech. AppAholic preview as a podcast, or just play live on the site (coming next week)

Any comments or suggestions for other additions to the website apart from content?

2 Responses to “New Website Features – Become a True AppAholic”

  1. The only problem is that I can’t read it. I couldn’t even tell that this is a text box, I just guessed. So lighter text/boxes would be good, or a lighter theme.

  2. Hey, dude… Yeah, I subscribed =D

    Loving the new site… Just one thing… The Log in info (or metadata) is kind of awkward being all the way at the bottom of the page… Is there any way to have it moved to the top of the right toolbar?

    Awesome site, Rel.

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