Task Coach – Eat Periods Of High Work For Breakfast

2008-08-07_132548 TaskCoach Version Tested : 0.70.1 (alpha)
Compatibility : Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS X Tiger 10.4, Various versions of Linux

Description : Task Coach allows you to cope with periods of high work load or to do lists. Portable, flexible, easy to use task manager and to do list, with categories, the ability to track effort and add attachments.

I admit, this app is still in alpha, but I can’t see why, as its pretty darn good! When I’ve got a lot of work on my plate, like coursework in multiple subjects, it’ can be a bit overwhelming. Writing stuff down, for a computer geek, is just pointless, when you have a handy app to deal with it all, and more. It’s also portable, just so you know, which is one of the reasons I love it so much.

The version just before this release had some graphical errors which put me off using it. However, since taking on a new project (top secret, you’ll see soon), I re opened Task Coach, and remembered how useful it was. My personal favourite features are the task tree, where you can have layers of tasks and dependant tasks, very useful for different areas. I also like tracking effort, which is nice, as you know how much time you have taken on each task.

The GUI has multiple paths to perform the same action, a good mark by any standards. I mean you got the standard menu bar with all the options there, while you have a toolbar with the standard overall functions like open, save, print, redo, undo, start and stop effort tracking.

There are multiple views for tasks in this to do software. As they say, some like it tree, some like it list. There are also some views for the effort details which you recorded, categories, and a notes view. oh, and this can be either a tabbed view, like in the screen shot above, or it can be split window, whichever you would like.

From the image, you can see a second bar, which is rather useful for individual tasks. Cut, copy, paste, just as you may expect. New task, sub task, edit and delete task. There is also a button to mark the task as complete, followed by start and stop tracking effort for selected task. Finally on this bar, we have a search box! YES a search box!

When I’ve used Task Coach before, its only been for about 30-40 different tasks, but it’s more than capable of managing many times that amount. This is because it has the ability to filter and sort tasks in a many different ways. When I say many, I really do mean quite a few! The views in this beautiful bit of software are really customisable, as I have already said, but seriously, you can even add and remove columns. Again, there is quite a list, with several sub menus. I really depends how you use this software, for example you can even include finances and budgeting, both with money and time.

One feature I haven’t mentioned yet, which I really should of done, is the ability to add attachments to tasks. By attachments I mean files. This is handy if you have multiple files associated to a task, which you often do if you deal with computers in any form.

Oh, about Task Coach being portable. Remember the Portable Apps Suite I reviewed before now? Task Coach is now featured as one of the portable apps compatible on their website! I love the fact that it’s portable, as it means I could add notes and tasks when I wasn’t at my desktop.

Conclusion : From my perspective, I’m not using all of this software. As a student, this software is really REALLY helpful. I’ve seen other to do list managers, and I’ve even use MS office Project. Realistically, I find, for my own personal use, it was overcomplicated, but Task Coach was just right. It allows for simple use, but also more advanced use, if your that way inclined. There are still a few bugs, but I haven’t found any. I can’t say I’ve done extensive testing, but I’ve used it in an every day context.

Website : http://taskcoach.org
Download : PageDirect
Size : 7.46 MB

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