WOSB – Recover From Hibernation Or Standby On Your Timetable

2009-01-18_195717 WOSB Version Tested : 1.7.14
Compatibility : Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista

Description : WOSB is a brilliant way to save energy or allow your computer to be turned on from hibernation or standby at pre defined times. You can furthermore set it to run a particular file, application or web page. With various timing options and a few settings, you can make WOSB standby, hibernate, shutdown log off or simply wait once the application has finished running.

I cant remember when or where I found WOSB, but I do remember, I was very impressed with it when I tested it. I didn’t expect it to work, didn’t understand how it could, but I was proved wrong.

This application wont work with every computer mind you, ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) compatible hardware is required. Exactly how you know if your hardware supports this or not, I don’t know, but I had a quick look in my motherboard’s manual, and there it was.

Why would you want such an application I hear you ask. Well, say you want to run an anti-virus scan on a regular basis. Normally this takes CPU power and time. I know when my scheduled backup runs, my system starts to lag a bit. Defragging is set to run if and when needed on my machine, and it rarely impacts on my system. The question is, why allow these things to clog up my system, when I can set them to run at night? Normally, This would be a brilliant idea, unless your a light sleeper, in which case, it will probably wake you up when it turns back on again. If your computer isn’t in your room, sure go ahead.

If it does wake you up however, (and even if it doesn’t), then still, I believe this tool is a good alternative for the alarm clock that seems to be so easy to turn off while still asleep. My media player is set to automatically play, so I decided to test out my computers alarm clock capabilities. Score, 110%. Woke me up so much better than my alarm clock on my phone.

Obviously I wouldn’t want my computer turning on at 8AM on weekends, but luckily, there are options to allow the wake up every week, every 2,3 or 4 weeks, on user selected days.

If you so require, you can specify what to do next. If your running some application which will close when it’s finished, then you can tell it to go into standby, hibernate, shutdown, log off, or nothing.

Just an extra, you can add any parameters to the exe or file you run on boot. Personally I don’t have a use for such an option, but you sure might!

When all is set up, you can run it, save it as a bat file, or do a whole host of other things, most of which I’m not sure what they do. You will also find the “check for updates” option in the little button next to activate, along with links to the online manual and command line help.

Conclusion : Brilliant idea I didn’t even know was possible! Joined with a special power plug, no lights shine while the computer is in hibernation. Simple single window interface with easy use, the perfect addition to a computer alarm clock. Making sure you wake up in the morning!

Website : www.dennisbabkin.com
Download : PageDirect
Size : 409 KB

7 Responses to “WOSB – Recover From Hibernation Or Standby On Your Timetable”

  1. Windows can do this anyway. Set up a scheduled task, and tick ‘wake computer from standby’ on its properties page. it could even be a batch file that does nothing.

  2. I’ve used WOSB for… eons. It is the only program of its class.

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